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Frequently Asked Questions: Premium Cattle Health Scheme

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Q: FORMS: Where do I find submission forms?


For your Routine Annual Herd Test we will send you the necessary paperwork and barcoded labels in time for your test: if you have not received this please telephone. If you are a new member testing for the first time we will send the paperwork to you once the membership has been processed or when you let the PCHS office know the planned dated for the herd test.

There are two submission forms available on the web - a general form and a Johne’s faeces retest form:

General Submission Form – use for:

  • BVD Check tests and Calf screens
  • Retests – also see below for Johne’s
  • Purchased/Added Animals
  • Quarantine Screen
  • Cull/Non-homebred Screen
  • Clinical Screen
  • Reproductive Failure

Other forms

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