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Prof Eileen Wall

Research Interests

I am a researcher in livestock genetics and systems within the Animal & Veterinary Sciences Group at SRUC. Experience in animal breeding, genetics, modelling and biostatistics. Research interests include climate change and livestock systems (impacts, mitigation and adaptation), genetics of fitness traits, development of sustainable and environmental breeding goals and improvements to national genetic evaluations and understanding trade-offs/interactions in livestock systems.  I also play a key role in the integration of discipline based sciences to address the global issues that face us.


1997 BAgrSc (Animal Science) University College Dublin
1998 MAgrSc (Res) Animal Breeding University College Dublin
2001 PhD (Animal Genetics) University of Edinburgh

PhD Student

  • Arjan Tolkamp - Utilising whole genomic sequence data to develop new genetic selection programmes for livestock

Research Projects

  • Centre of Expertise on Climate Change (Scottish Govt)
  • AnimalChange (EU FP7)
  • GreenhouseMilk (Marie Curie ITN)
  • RobustMilk (EU FP7)
  • Improvements to the National GHG Inventory (Defra and devolved administrations)
  • Adaptations options for Scottish land use (Scottish Govt)
  • Improving Health Characteristics of Dairy Products (Scottish Govt)


I am mainly involved in the teaching specialists modules at a Honours and Masters level, including taught Masters (University of Edinburgh) in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis, Food Security and Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Selected Publications

  • Moran D, MacLeod M, Wall E, V Eory, A McVittie, A Barnes, R.M. Rees, C F.E. Topp, G Pajot, R Matthews, P Smith and A Moxey 2011. Developing carbon budgets for UK agriculture, land-use, land-use change and forestry out to 2022. Climatic Change 105:529-553
  • Soyeurt, H., F. Dehareng, N. Gengler, S. McParland, E. Wall, D.P. Berry, M. Coffey, and P. Dardenne. 2011. Mid-Infrared Prediction of Bovine Milk Fatty Acids across Multiple Breeds, Production Systems and Countries. Journal of dairy Science 94: 1657-1667
  • Bell, M.J. E. Wall, G. Russell, G. Simm, and A.W. Stott. 2011. The effect of improving cow productivity, fertility and involuntary culling on the global warming potential of dairy systems. Journal of Dairy Science. 94: 3662-3678
  • Bell, M.J., E. Wall, G. Simm and G. Russell. 2011. Effects of genetic line and feeding system on methane emissions from dairy systems. Animal Feed Science and Technology doi:10.1016/j.anifeedsci.2011.04.049
  • McParland, S., Banos, G, Wall, E, Coffey, MP, Soyeurt, H, Veerkamp RF and Berry DP. 2011. The Use of Mid-Infrared Spectrometry to Predict Energy Status of Holstein Cows Journal of Dairy Science, 94: 3651-3661
  • MacLeod, M, Moran, D, Eory, V., Rees, R.M, Barnes, A., Topp, C.F.E., Ball, B., Hoad, S., Wall, E., McVittie, A., Pajot, G., Matthews, R., Smith, P. and Moxey, A. 2010. Developing greenhouse gas marginal abatement cost curves for agricultural emissions from crops and soils in the UK. Agricultural Systems 103: 198-209
  • Moran, D., Macleod, M., Wall, E., Eory V., McVittie, A., Barnes, A., Rees, R., Topp, C.F.E., Moxey, A. (2010).  Marginal abatement cost curves for UK agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.  Journal of Agricultural Economics  62: 93-118
  • Bell MJ, Wall, E, Russell G, Morgan C, Simm G 2010 Effect of breeding for milk yield, diet and management on enteric methane emissions from dairy cows. Animal Production Science. 50: 817-826
  • Wall, E., G. Simm and D. Moran. 2010. Developing breeding schemes to assist mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Animal, 2010 4: 336-376
  • Bell M.J., Wall E., Russell G., Roberts D.J., Simm G. (2010) Risk factors for culling Holstein-Friesian dairy cows. Veterinary Record 167: 238-240.

Dr Eileen Wall

Head of Research, Head Of Animal And Vet Science, Integrative Animal Sciences

Address: Roslin Institute Building, Easter Bush, Midlothian EH25 9RG

Telephone: 0131 651 9339