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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

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SACAPP Conference

Date: 27th January 2021 - 28th January 2021

Every day

Location: Online

Time: 14:30 - 16:00

Cost: Free

SACAPP Conference

Potato Field

Usually at this time of year we all head to the Perth Racecourse for a day of potato chat. A mix of forward looking speakers, up to date research and more.

This year, it's not going to be possible to all meet. So we are having an online conference spread over two afternoons.

27th January: Scottish Potatoes in a big world (Free)

During these sessions we will be looking at the prospects for the crop in the future. Firstly we have presentations by Patrick Hughes and Cedric Porter on the prospects for exports and the effects of Covid-19 on the potato market. Cedric’s knowledge of world markets will provide some pointers for what the future holds for the GB potato sector. And we will round off the first session with a view direct from Western Australia, Keith Taylor or most far flung member, will perhaps tell the moaning poms what growing potatoes is really about.

After a short break, to fill up your coffee mug, or even try something stronger (no-one needs to drive home!) we will open up a debate, with your chance to ask questions and then vote on the most significant issues of the future.

We will challenge a panel of renowned experts and industry figures to outline where they think the challenges and opportunities of the future lie. What do we really need to be thinking of in 10 years’ time? What will be the pressures on the sector and who will be able to capitalise on the opportunities? We are hoping for a lively and interesting debate spanning the Atlantic, with a mix of commercial and research interests represented.

More information and registrations:

28th January: Protecting the future through technical knowledge (£10, free for members*)

Concentrating on the seed sector we will review virus control in 2020 with Jon Pickup and Christophe Lacomme from SASA. They will be looking at the data from the 2020 season and putting it into context. Analysis of this will provide an insight into the trends and issues we will all be facing in 2021 and beyond. Later we will be joined live by Dr Mathuresh Singh, from New Brunswick, Canada. He will share how the Canadians have brought virus under control and the different tools used in Canada.

Next, after a short break we will move to areas of more direct relevance to ware growers. We will be hearing from Dr Mark Stalham on the why and how irrigation of irrigation scheduling. The importance of this topic, as costs increase and the climate slowly changes is not to be underestimated. In the second half of this section, Colin Herron (McCain) will describe the challeges faced by McCain in developing sustainable production systems around the world.

After both sessions we will have short updates, including PCN and haulm destruction as well as the traditional ‘topical tips’ from members of the SAC Potatoes team.

More information and registrations:

*If you are a member please email to recieve your discounted ticket link

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