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Events for 1st Jan 1970

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Improving Ewe Performance

Date: 23rd October 2019

Location: 454

Time: 10:00 - 15:00

Cost: Free

Ideas gathered from an EU project to improve flock output

Cattle and sheep parasitology

The SheepNet EU project is coming to an end. With seven partner countries, the past three years have seen six transnational workshops, 130 solutions and practical tips gathered, 21 factsheets developed, 80 YouTube videos produced and much more.

To celebrate, we are hosting a workshop!

The interactive workshop will showcase:

  •  Solutions that were gathered to increase ewe productivity
  • Practical tips and tricks for successful lambing
  • New resources developed to improve lamb survival
  • Take home messages from international workshops

Lunch provided. Booking essential.

To book your place email: or call 01835 823322

Healthy Calves: Reducing Losses and Maximising Performance

Date: 23rd October 2019

Location: 455

Time: 10:30 - 14:30

Cost: Free

This event will highlight some of the latest research carried out by SRUC and industry and its practical application to improve the survivability and growth performance of dairy calves.

Reducing calf losses and early disease detection will be discussed at an open farm event

Topics for discussion and speakers are:

  • Why do Dairy Calves Die? Knowledge is the First Step to Prevention

    • Megan Fergusson (SRUC Veterinary Services)

  • Exploring Failure of Passive Transfer and Colostrum Quality

    • Ali Haggerty (University of Glasgow Vet School)

  • Factors Affecting Calf Growth Rates and Minimising these with Early Detection of Disease

    • Katrina Henderson (SRUC Veterinary Services) and Carol-Anne Duthie (SRUC)

  • What to Look for in a Quality Calf Milk Replacer

    • John Newbold (SRUC) and Lorna MacPherson (SAC Consulting)

  • Calf Rearing at Hardgrove

    • Alistair Marshall (Hardgrove Farm) and Gareth Boyes (Ark Veterinary Centre)

  • Management Tools for Heifer Rearing and Breed4Better Campaign

    • Chris Stockwell (AHDB Dairy)

Lunch provided.
Please contact Janis Forrest to book your place (noting any dietary requirements).
T: 0131 603 7525

We acknowledge the financial support of the Universities Innovation Fund (UIF) for this event.

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