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RESAS Sustainability Webinar Series: Soil Quality

Date: 12th January 2021

Location: Online

Time: 13:00 - 14:30

Cost: Free

The first in a series of three webinars discussing research in agroecology and sustainability.


Achieving Agricultural Sustainability: Opportunities for Change

Over the last five years the Scottish Government through the Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division has been funding research in agroecology and sustainability.

The main aims have been:

  • Investigate the key drivers of alternative land management practices in Scotland.
  • Consider alternative approaches to sustainable land management and the barriers to the uptake.
  • Investigate the potential productivity and environmental impacts of the introduction of alternative practices.

There is now an chance to hear about this research and the opportunities for sustainable changes in agriculture through a series of three webinars.

These will cover such diverse topics as: soil quality, mixed cropping and cover crops as well as integrated pest management and pollinators.

Results will be presented and discussed as opportunities for change and allow thoughts of ways forward.

Soil Quality: Maintaining and Improving conditions from the ground up

Dr Joanna Cloy will speak about the environmental effects of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the loss of soil carbon from agricultural systems. Sequestration of carbon in agricultural soils is an important strategy in the effort to mitigate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to meet obligations under climate change agreements. The wider benefits to the farm business associated with increasing organic matter in agricultural soils. This talk will discuss sustainable agricultural soil management opportunities and their potential benefits to the environment and farm business.

Dr Alexandra Tomlinson will aim to join some dots, exploring the parallels between the health and biology of soils, plants, animals, and humans: illustrating some of these principles by referencing farm projects in which this type of approach underpins both day to day practices, and future planning.

You can register for the webinar here:


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