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Edinburgh Rural Business Management Open Day

Date: 4th June 2020

Location: Virtual event

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Cost: Free

Holding Open Days is very difficult at the moment, under Covid limitations.

You can find out more about studying Business at SRUC Edinburgh by visiting our website.

We are hosting a virtual Open Day using Microsoft Teams on the 4th June at 2:00pm. Please visit our Flipgrid page for more information.

Please head over to the SRUC Open Days website to book your pace on this event - that will enable us to send you a reminder and further instructions.


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KTIF Tuberzone Webinar

Date: 4th June 2020

Location: GoToWebinar

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Cost: Free

The Tuberzone project aims to help farmer groups deliver on-the-ground improvements in agricultural competitiveness, resource efficiency, environmental performance and sustainability.

tuberzone photo

Please note that although this webinar is open to all, the project itself has taken part within a closed group

This is the fourth and final meeting of the KTIF Tuberzone project.

This one year project aims to encourage rapid uptake of Tuberzone potato technology, to improve seed potato production efficiency and potato quality by predicting ideal haulm destruction dates to ensure maximum proportions of tubers in the seed size fraction for all 29 farmers of the variety Gemson within the Grampian Growers group. The secondary aim of this project is to provide a high level of support to help the farmers to adapt to new technology, and following data collection, evaluate how best to improve new technology adoption.

Developed by Soil Essentials this crop modelling software utilises a number of environmental conditions alongside crop growth patterns to predict when the crop will be most valuable, allowing growers to use this information to increase their productivity by meeting market specifications. Facilitated by SAC Consulting this project focuses on an established group of potato farmers who all grow the variety Gemson for Grampian Growers. Although this pilot project is specifically aimed at a single group, this technology has the potential to improve production across the whole potato sector and the knowledge gained by promoting rapid uptake of a new technology has the potential to reach to other sectors.

The operational group has representatives from SAC Consulting, Soil Essentials, Grampian Growers and three of the farmers from the grower group.

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