Elliot Meador

Researcher – Economy & Society
Land Economy, Environment & Society
Rural Policy Centre

Research interests

  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Survey design and data collection
  • Network analysis
  • Rural economic development
  • Sociology of development in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Collective action and leadership theory
  • Rural mental health

Selected research projects

  • PhD Collective Action in Rural Community Development Organisations: A network analysis
  • Strategic Research Programme WP 3.4.4: Local assets, local decisions and community resilience
    Longitudinal study of community resilience in rural communities in Scotland
  • Strategic Research Programme WP 3.4.2: Place-based policy and its implications for policy and service delivery
    Seeks to answer the question: Can place-based policies address difference in economic performance and social outcomes in Scotland’s rural areas and small towns?
  • Land o Lakes Dairy and Seed Cooperative Study
    This study uses social network analysis to better understand how social networks influence early adoption of new farming technologies; it is a partnership with Land o Lakes International Development, USAID and SRUC.


Selected publications

  • Meador, J. E., O’Brien, D. J., Cook, M. L., Grothe, G., Werner, L., Diang’a, D., & Savoie, R. M. (2016). Building Sustainable Smallholder Cooperatives in Emerging Market Economies: Findings from a Five-Year Project in Kenya. Sustainability8(7), 656.
  • Meador, J.E., & Fritz, A. (2016). Food Security in Rural Uganda: Assessing latent effects of microfinance on pre-participation. Development in Practice. (accepted November).
  • Meador, J. E. (2014). Review of the book, [Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism, by Muhammad Yunus, New York: Public Affairs Press, 2007, 261 pp.] Journal of Community Development.
  • Meador, J. E. (2013) Wild hogs and Delta farmers: A constructivist look at the wild hog problem in the Mississippi Delta. Agrarian Frontiers. 1 (1), 75-87.

Dr Elliot Meador

Researcher of rural economy and society

Address: Rural Policy Centre, SRUC, King’s Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JG

Telephone: 0131 535 4338

E-mail: elliot.meador@sruc.ac.uk