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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Eilidh Baker

Research Technician
Animal Behaviour & Welfare
Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Selected Publications

  • E Alton, A Baker, E Baker, AC Boyd, SH Cheng, RL Coles, DDS Collie, H Davidson, JC Davies, DR Gill, C Gordon, U Griesenbach, T Higgins, SC Hyde, JA Innes, D McCormick, M McGovern, G McLachlan, DJ Porteous, I Pringle, RK Scheule, DJ Shaw, S Smith, SG Sumner-Jones, P Tennant, C Vrettou. 2013.  The safety profile of a cationic lipid-mediated cystic fibrosis gene transfer agent following repeated monthly aerosol administration to sheep.  Biomaterials Volume 34, Issue 38, Pages 10267–10277
  • U Griesenbach, CC Vicente, MJ Roberts, C Meng, S Soussi, S Xenariou, P Tennant, A Baker, E Baker, C Gordon, C Vrettou, D McCormick, R Coles, AM Green, AE Lawton, SG Sumner-Jones, SH Cheng, RK Scheule, SC Hyde, DR Gill, DDs Collie, G McLachlan, EWFW Alton. 2011.  Secreted Gaussia luciferase as a sensitive reporter gene for in vivo and ex vivo studies of airway gene transfer.  Biomaterials, Volume 32, Issue 10, Pages 2614–2624
  • U Griesenbach, G McLachlan, T Owaki, L Somerton , T Shu, A Baker , P Tennant, C Gordon, C Vrettou, E Baker, DDS Collie, M Hasegawa & EWFW Alton. 2011.  Validation of recombinant Sendai virus in a non-natural host model.  Gene Therapy 18, 182–188
  • C Vrettou , E Baker , P Tennant , A Baker , C Gordon , SG Sumner-Jones, JC Davies, DR Gill, G McLachlan  & DDS Collie. 2009.  Optimising harvest of bronchial brush biopsy samples to maximise cell and RNA yield in gene therapy studies. Molecular Therapy. 17, Supplement 1, p. S125
  • LA Davies, G McLachlan , SG Sumner-Jones, D Ferguson, A Baker , P Tennant , C Gordon , C Vrettou, E Baker , J Zhu , EWFW Alton , DDS Collie , D J Porteous, SC Hyde & DR Gill. 2008. Enhanced lung gene expression after aerosol delivery of concentrated pDNA/PEI Complexes.  Molecular Therapy 16 7, 1283–1290

Eilidh Baker

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