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Dave Ross

Research Interests

  • Dave RossBiophysical properties of foodstuffs
  • Novel sensing and monitoring of farmed livestock 
  • Carcass and meat quality measurement 
  • Energy management

Current Research

  • Investigations of novel systems for carcass and meat quality measurement 
  • Energy management in the primary food processing sectors 
  • Farmed animal monitoring systems 
  • Greenhouse gas measurement techniques for ruminants and land 
  • Sensing systems for quality control in primary food processing

Research Projects

  • ITI Condition Based Monitoring Programme
  • DEFRA Link BEEFVIA project (LK0673)
  • DEFRA Link Contaminant detection (AFM273)
  • Scot. Gov. Integrated Meat Eating Quality (IMEQ)
  • SFC Horizon (ENERMAN)
  • QMS Tenderscot, NIR Tender, Tenderseam
  • Scot. Gov/ EU/SAC “Greencow” installation
  • Scot.Gov. Core Programme WP3.2 and 5.3


Occasional tutorials/demonstrations on meat quality with 3rd and 4th year Agriculture and Animal science students.

Selected Publications

  • Prieto N ; Ross DW ; Navajas EA ; Richardson RI ; Hyslop JJ ; Simm G ; Roehe R  2011 Online prediction of fatty acid profiles in crossbred Limousin and Aberdeen Angus beef cattle using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy Animal, 5:1: 155-165
  • Hyslop JJ, Ross DW, Navajas EA, Prieto N, Roehe R, Simm G, 2011, Carcass pH, temperature and colour changes during the first 48 hours post-slaughter in Aberdeen Angus x Limousin and Limousin x Aberdeen Angus steers and heifers BSAS Annual conference 2011
  • Craigie CR, Maltin CA, Purchas RW, Ross DW, Bunger L, Morris ST, Roehe R, 2011 Comparison of manual and Video Image Analysis classification systems for the prediction of yield and composition of the loin joint in commercial cattle BSAS Annual conference 2011
  • Stephen, B. Dwyer, C. Hyslop, J. Bell, M. Ross, D. Kwong, K. Michie, C. Andonovic, I. 2010 Statistical Interaction Modeling of Bovine Herd Behaviors IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C: Applications and Reviews, PP:99 1-8
  • Navajas, E A; Glasbey, C A; Fisher, A V; Ross, D W; Hyslop, J J; Richardson, R I; Simm, G; Roehe, R, 2010 , Assessing beef carcass tissue weights using computed tomography spirals of primal cuts Meat Science 84:1  30-38
  • Lambe N.R., D.W. Ross, E.A. Navajas, J.J. Hyslop, N. Prieto, C. Craigie, L. Bünger, G. Simm, R. Roehe The prediction of carcass composition and tissue distribution in beef cattle using ultrasound scanning at the start and/or end of the finishing period 2010 Livestock Science 131:2-3, 193-202
  • Prieto, N; Navajas, E A; Richardson, R I; Ross, D W; Hyslop, J J; Simm, G; Roehe 2010, Predicting beef cuts composition, fatty acids and meat quality characteristics by spiral computed tomography. Meat Science  86:3 : 770-9
  • Navajas EA , Richardson RI, Fisher AV , Hyslop JJ, Ross DW, Prieto N, Simm G, Roehe R Predicting beef carcass composition using tissue weights of a primal cut assessed by computed tomography 2010 Animal 4 :11: 1810-1817
  • Ross D.W., R.I. Richardson, E.A. Navajas, J Hyslop, N Prieto “Associations of objective physical measurements of beef meat samples and tenderness assessed by a trained taste panel” BSAS Annual conference 2009
  • Prieto, N. Ross, D. W., Navajas, E. A., Nute, G. R, Richardson, R. I.,  Hyslop, J. J, Simm, G, Roehe, R, 2009 On-line application of visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict chemical-physical and sensory characteristics of beef quality Meat Science 83:1   : 96-103
  • Chagunda M.G.G., Ross D., Roberts D.J., (2009).  On the use of a laser methane detector in dairy cows.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 68: 157 – 160.
  • Roehe R., D.W. Ross, E.A. Navajas, G.R. Nute, R.I. Richardson, J.J. Hyslop, G. Simm “The associations of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and sensory characteristics or shear force measurements of beef” BSAS Annual conference 2008
  • Hyslop J.J., D. W. Ross, C. P. Schofield, E. Navajas, R. Roehe, G. Simm “An assessment of the potential for live animal digital image analysis to predict the slaughter liveweights of finished beef cattle” BSAS Annual conference 2008
  • Navajas E.A., C. A. Glasbey, K. A. McLean, A. V. Fisher, R. I. Richardson, D. W. Ross, J. J. Hyslop, G. Simm, R.Roehe “Beef carcass composition assessed by X-ray computed tomography scanning of primal joints” BSAS Annual conference 2008
  • Kwong K.H., H G Goh, C Michie, I Andonovic, B Stephen, T Mottram, D W Ross “Wireless Sensor Networks for Beef and Dairy Herd Management” American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Conference Rhode Island 2008

Dave Ross

Senior Researcher

Address: Future Farming Systems, SRUC, Roslin Institute Building, Easter Bush, Midlothian EH25 9RG

Telephone: 01315353023

Fax: 0131 535 3121