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Duncan Robertson

Research Interests

Duncan RobertsonMy interests are particularly inclined to biogeography and to the provision and understanding of spatial data.

I am skilled in the use of Geographic Information system and Remote Sensing software and oversee SRUC access to these facilities.  My work involves creating geographically accurate habitat management mapping and investigating vegetation habitats and relationships with invertebrates, birds and animals concerned in game and agricultural interests in Scotland. 

I previously worked on Earth Observation For Grassland Shrubland and Woodland Biomass Estimation and Management Project for the EU : ENV4-CT98-0754.  I also conduct lowland and upland pasture vegetation monitoring surveys and provide detailed GPS surveys.

Research Projects

  • Modelling the relationships between upland bird populations, habitat structure and management practices at the moorland and regional scale 
  • The impact of vegetation structure and spatial heterogeneity on invertebrate biodiversity within upland landscapes
  • Creating management maps for Mull Deer Management Group, a project in cooperation with The Game Conservancy Trust

Selected Publications

  • Robertson, D., Waterhouse, T. & Smith.  2005.  Upland Habitat Assessment for impacts of Large Herbivores in Scotland. ECRR, Earth Observation Forum, SNH Battleby: 11 May 2005.
  • Buchanan, G., Pearce-Higgins, J., Grant, M, Robertson, D. & Waterhouse, T. 2005.  Characterization of moorland vegetation and the prediction of bird abundance using remote sensing. Journal of Biogeography 32 297-707. Full Text
  • Robertson, D., Waterhouse, A., Holland, J.P., Gooding, R.F., Egan, S., Smith, A.  2001.  Characterisation of Calluna vulgaris dominant moorland using remote sensing with Landsat TM. In: A Decade of Trans-European Remote Sensing Co-operation. (Buchreithner, ed) Balkema. Rotterdam. 377-382.
  • Egan, S., Smith, A., Robertson, D., & Waterhouse, A. 2000. Estimation of heather biomass using ground based methods for the calibration of remotely sensed data. Egan, Smith, Robertson & Waterhouse. Aspects of Applied Biology 58 1-8.

Duncan Robertson

GIS Specialist

Address: Land Economy, Environment & Society, SRUC, JF Niven Building, Ayr KA6 5HW

Telephone: 01292 525 238

Fax: 01292 525 333