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LEES Working Papers 2006

Take a look at our Working Papers that were published in 2006

1. Improving Accuracy of UK Regulatory Cost Estimates (78.21 KB PDF)

2. Total Factor Productivity Index for Scottish Agriculture 1973-2004 (75.6 KB PDF)

3. Public Preferences for Broiler Chicken Welfare: Evidence from Stated Preference Studies (259.48 KB PDF)

4. Linkages between Agriculture, Trade and Environment in Romania in Context of European Union Accession (363.94 KB PDF)

5. CGE Analysis of Harbinson Proposal: Outcomes for EU25 (212.01 KB PDF)

6. Identifying farmer attitudes towards genetically modified (GM) crops in Scotland (143.57 KB PDF)

7. Community cohesion: constructing boundaries between or within communities-of-place? (63.29 KB PDF)

8. Karopography: a generic concept of quality for chain analysis and knowledge transfer in supply chains (88.23 KB PDF)

9. Co-regulation and voluntarism in provision of food safety: lessons from institutional economics (139.22 KB PDF)

10. Measuring fishing dependency using Occupational Alternative Ratio - an application to Shetland whitefish industry (97.65 KB PDF)

11. Modelling Agricultural Systems: Applications to Livestock Breeding (92.07 KB PDF)

12. Measuring Market Power in UK Retail Salmon Industry (235.76 KB PDF)

13. Public Attitudes to Welfare of Broiler Chickens (152.92 KB PDF)

14. Technical Efficiency Estimates of Scottish Agriculture: Evidence from the diary, sheep and cereals sector (131.54 KB PDF)

15. Optimisation Methods for Assisting Policy Decisions on Endemic Diseases (222.86 KB PDF)

16. Explaining Cost Efficiency of Scottish Farms: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis (161.01 KB PDF)

17. Barriers Facing New Entrants to Farming - an Emphasis on Policy (84.22 KB PDF)

18. Measuring Sustainability of UK Food Chain (114.13 KB PDF)

19. Price Transmission, Market Power and Returns to Scale (203.36 KB PDF)

20. Exploring meaning of disproportionate costs for practical implementation of Water Framework Directive (313.86 KB PDF)

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