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Land Use Conference 2018 Poster Presentations

Arnott et al - What can management option uptake tell us about ecosystem services delivery (1.32 MB PDF)

Baggaley et al - Potential for carbon storage in Scotland’s agricultural soils (969.8 KB PDF)

Bailey et al - The corn bunting (2.96 MB PDF)

Bruneau et al - Unlocking the potential of soil information in Scotland - lessons learned (1.79 MB JPG)

Dolan et al - Spreading Organic Materials Assurance (SOMA) (798.49 KB PDF)

Creissen et al - A method to measure Integrated Pest Management in temperate arable farming (262.1 KB PDF)

de la Torre et al - Review of the CAP greening practices in Scotland (262.1 KB PDF)

Gilbert et al - Land use and disease risk (1.98 MB PDF)

Holland et al - Exploring the perceived impacts of different management scenarios on ecosystem Goods and services from two highland glens (2.3 MB PDF)

Irvine et al - A multi-actor framework for agro-ecological farming systems in the European Union (1.3 MB PDF)

Jones - Improving public access (3.13 MB PDF)

Knook et al - The uptake of environmental measures by farmers (338.44 KB PDF)

Macleod et al - Development of a progressive web application to aid land manager decisions (953.19 KB PDF)

McVittie et al - Spatially disaggregated natural capital accounts for agriculture (808.61 KB PDF)

Novo et al - Governing biodiversity: the role of values and perceptions (515.18 KB PDF)

Okumah et al - Uncovering the evidence base of the awareness-behaviour-water quality pathway (440.06 KB PDF)

Padel et al - Transitions to agroecological approaches: farmers' experience (559.1 KB PDF)

Pakeman et al - Targeting AECS payments (423.64 KB PDF)

Newell Price et al - SUPER-G (2.1 MB PDF)

Miller et al - Contributions of aquaculture to the visual landscape (11.54 MB PDF)

Nijnik et al - Can social innovation help in the delivery of public goods from Scottish woodlands? (841.71 KB PDF)

Peart - Conserving farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR) post-Brexit (949.63 KB PDF)

Rees et al - Climate change activities at Scotland's Rural College (2.22 MB PDF)

Robinson et al - Are soil archives the critical link to understanding changes in soil? (1.37 MB PDF)

Sagoo et al - Grass and herbal leys farm network (1.51 MB PDF)

Skuce et al - Liver fluke risk and agri-environment schemes (1.15 MB PDF)

Teixeira et al - Different ecosystem services, same (dis) satisfaction with compensation (1.24 MB PDF)

Thompson et al - Adoption of more ecological farming practices in Scotland (224.62 KB PDF)

Valatin et al - PES 1 (1.06 MB PDF)

Valatin et al - PES 2 (1008.73 KB PDF)

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