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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Policy Briefs (Land Economy, Environment & Society)

Could Animal-welfare and health claims boost the demand for organic meat? (2.14 MB PDF)

Consumer preference for local, low greenhouse emission, organic and low fat meat (2.32 MB PDF)

Unlocking the digital potential for rural areas (554.72 KB PDF)

The efficiency and productivity of farming systems (601.93 KB PDF)

Measuring the economic resilience of Scottish farms (653.81 KB PDF)

Precision agricultural technology uptake (713.68 KB PDF)

Estimating society's economic welfare of an animal disease (655.69 KB PDF)

The economics of pig tail docking (2.46 MB PDF)

Balancing performance and sustainability in breeding suckler beef herds (6.72 MB PDF)

Is peatland restoration in Scotland good value for money? (730.37 KB PDF)

Nutrient dynamics in Scottish livestock supply chains (721.07 KB PDF)

Biomaterial flows in Scottish cattle supply chains (856.63 KB PDF)

Scottish craft beer and artisanal alcoholic drinks sector (684.13 KB PDF)

Community ownership mechanisms and options for supporting its expansion (1.46 MB PDF)

Sustainable deer management in Scotland (6.78 MB PDF)

Ecosystem service benefits of agricultural knowledge, science and technology (1.68 MB PDF)

Cost-effective farming for improving soil organic carbon (1.12 MB PDF)

Local assets, local decisions and community resilience (5.99 MB PDF)

Carbon taxes, greenhouse gases & nutrition (871.45 KB PDF)

Food demand in six EU countries (15.43 MB PDF)

Retailer's promotions: what role do they play in food purchases compared to deprivation? (816.82 KB PDF)

Introducing new sustainable food products in the UK (716.55 KB PDF)

The impact of traffic lights nutritional information on food purchases (716.72 KB PDF)

Understanding the behaviour and motivations of Scottish beef and sheep farmers (707.9 KB PDF)

Comparing post-Brexit scenarios on Scottish farming systems (736.44 KB PDF)

Financial and nitrous oxide effects of soil management measures on arable farm (701.51 KB PDF)

Seasonal workers in Scottish agriculture (1.33 MB PDF)

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