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Rural Futures

Adaptation to challenges faced by Scotland's and Ireland's Rural Communities.

Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The key challenges for change in the rural sector. (635.67 KB PDF)

Dr Liz Wedderburn, Assistant Research Director, AgResearch,New Zealand. The challenges of change and possible solutions: the New Zealand experience. (3.37 MB PDF)

Mr Steven Thomson, Agricultural Economist, SRUC. Future agricultural policy options for Britain and Ireland. (3.1 MB PDF)

Dr Kevin Hanrahan, Head of Rural Economy & Development Programme, Teagasc. Brexit: potential implications for Ireland’s rural economy. (876.97 KB PDF)

Mr David Barnes, National Adviser on Agriculture Policy, Scottish Government (724.42 KB PDF)

Dr Brendan Dunford, Burren Programme Manager, Ireland. The Burren Programme: sustainable farming in a high nature value area. (3.61 MB PDF)

Prof Davy McCracken, Professor of Agricultural Ecology and Head of Hill & Mountain Research Centre Future Farming Systems. Hill farming in Scotland: a fragile farming system? (5.33 MB PDF)

Catherine Keena, Countryside Management Specialist, Teagasc. Farming the uplands: where to from here? (1.99 MB PDF)

Prof Sarah Skerratt, Rural Policy Centre Director, SRUC. Towards more resilient rural communities: the human dimension. (2.3 MB PDF)

Dr David Meredith, Senior Researcher, Teagasc. Boom, recession and recovery: impacts and implications for rural economic development. (948.04 KB PDF)

Professor Eileen Wall, Team Leader, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, SRUC. Innovation: improving livestock productivity. (1.08 MB PDF)

Dr Laurence Shaloo, Principal Researcher, Teagasc. The role of data in the future of dairy farming. (4.29 MB PDF)

Professor Dave Roberts, KE Director, SRUC. Delivering behavioural change. (790.58 KB PDF)

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