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The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint documents can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

National Rural Mental Health Survey Scotland: Report of Key Findings

Key findings from the first rural Scotland-wide survey focused on people’s experiences of living with mental ill health, produced in partnership with Support in Mind Scotland

Brexit event PPT

PowerPoint presentation by Steven Thomson and Kev Bevan

Steven Thomson and Kev Bevan presentation

Presentation delivered by Steven Thomson and Kev Bevan on 31 May

Andrew Moxey presentation

Andrew Moxey's presentation

Scotland's Rural Policy options post-2019

Briefing compiled from views expressed at 31 May Brexit event

Seasonal Workers in Scottish Agriculture: Assessing the evidence base

This specially-commissioned briefing for Local Government Information Unit Scotland offers an introduction to the policy context and evidence base on seasonal workers in Scotland

Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas across the UK

Joint research by SRUC and Rural England on the digital potential of rural UK

Malting barley trade – UK and Scotland

The Scottish Government commissioned SRUC to conduct a study of the UK and Scottish import and export trade in malting barley trade to provide estimates where official trade data was lacking

Rural Report 2017/18

The Rural Report 2017/18

The Rural Report 2017/18 (5.48 MB, PDF)

Rural Report 2017/18 Executive Summary

The Rural Report 2017/18 Executive Summary

The Gender Pay Gap in Rural Scotland

Exploring the Gender Pay Gap in Rural Scotland

The Future Demand for Smallholdings in Scotland - an Assessment

This research project was undertaken to assess demand for small landholdings in Scotland.

Rural Report Questionnaire

The questions for Rural Business survey can be viewed here.

The Role of the LEADER Approach post-Brexit

The Technical Report and Summary Report on the role of the LEADER Approach post-Brexit, commissioned by the Scottish Government

Rural Enterprise Evidence in Scotland - Briefing 1

The first provides more descriptive information on the three survey/analysis projects and was written by Roger Turner, an independent rural economies consultant who is working on this project.

Rural Enterprise Evidence in Scotland: Report of Workshop Discussion - Briefing 2

The second briefing summarises the key issues discussed at a ‘Rural Enterprise Evidence in Scotland’ Workshop held in Edinburgh 12 November 2019. Presentation from Steven Thomson also available here.

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