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Downloads: CAP Reform

The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint documents can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

2008: Farming's Retreat from the Hills

This report looks at the trends in livestock numbers and at some of the policy challenges that these changes raise.
For a 2-page summary please see the Research Briefing.

2011: Response from the Hills

This report is an update on SAC's 2008 Retreat from the Hills report which highlighted significant declines in the sheep and cattle sector across much of Scotland.

2011: CAP Reform post-2013: An Opportunity to Support High Nature Value Farming Systems in Scotland?

This briefing discusses recent work to assess HNV farming systems in Scotland and to explore the use of different payment mechanisms to direct more funding to HNV farming systems in future.

2011: The Scottish Integrated Farm Scheme: A Practical Proposal to Integrate Farming and Agri-environment Payments post-2013

Proposing a practical way forward to integrate farming and agri-environment payments post-2013 and to stimulate discussion across all stakeholders involved in the debate and delivery of CAP changes.

2011: Future CAP for Scotland

This Briefing provides some reflections from SAC staff on the Conference and, more broadly, on the CAP reform debate and its implications for Scotland.

The Future CAP for Scotland (240.55 KB, PDF)

2010: The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

This Policy Briefing contains background information on the CAP, setting out the key reforms since 1957 and defining some of the key CAP terms.

CAP Policy Briefing (316.47 KB, PDF)

2009: Assessment of the impact of partial decoupling

This reports recent research that set out to quantify the distortion to competition that partial decoupling has on the affected sectors by comparing production, prices and farm revenues over time.

2012: Implications of proposed CAP reforms for climate change action in Scotland

Addressing climate change features prominently as an objective in the most recent round of proposed changes to the CAP.

2013: Informing the development of the CAP post-2013

This document describes recent and ongoing activities undertaken by SRUC staff at Scottish, UK and EU levels to inform the development of the CAP.

2013: CAP Developments in June 2013

This briefing outlines the key points of the political agreement on the CAP, reached in late June 2013. Implications for Scotland are noted where appropriate.

2013: SRUC Response to the SRDP 2014-20 Stage 1 Consultation

SRUC's response to the Scottish Government's Stage 1 Consultation on the SRDP 2014-20.

2013: Greening of the CAP - how will it affect Scottish beef and sheep farming?

This briefing summarises the results of research work which has explored the impact of adopting greening measures on the profits of Scottish beef and sheep farms.

The Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014-2020

This briefing highlights the main issues discussed at the Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Rural Policy and provides some key messages for research and policy on the SRDP 2014-2020.

The SRDP 2014-2020 (175.21 KB, PDF)

2014: CAP Reform main elements explained

This is a diagramatic explanation of the main elements of the Cabinet Secretary's announcement of CAP reform and how the budget will be spent.