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2011: Response from the Hills

This report is an update on SAC's 2008 Retreat from the Hills report which highlighted significant declines in the sheep and cattle sector across much of Scotland.

2011: CAP Reform post-2013: An Opportunity to Support High Nature Value Farming Systems in Scotland?

This briefing discusses recent work to assess HNV farming systems in Scotland and to explore the use of different payment mechanisms to direct more funding to HNV farming systems in future.

2011: The Scottish Integrated Farm Scheme: A Practical Proposal to Integrate Farming and Agri-environment Payments post-2013

Proposing a practical way forward to integrate farming and agri-environment payments post-2013 and to stimulate discussion across all stakeholders involved in the debate and delivery of CAP changes.

2011: Alternative Payment Approaches for Encouraging the Production of Ecosystem Services

The key findings of a study which examined the rationale for supporting these so-called non-economic farming systems and compared the possible impacts of a change in payment mechanisms on these farms.

2011: Raising the competitiveness of Scotland's agri-food industry

The study highlights a number of drivers of productivity which are particularly relevant for Scotland and discusses a number of areas which need to be explored further by both researchers and industry

2011: Future CAP for Scotland

This Briefing provides some reflections from SAC staff on the Conference and, more broadly, on the CAP reform debate and its implications for Scotland.

The Future CAP for Scotland (240.55 KB, PDF)

2010: The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

This Policy Briefing contains background information on the CAP, setting out the key reforms since 1957 and defining some of the key CAP terms.

CAP Policy Briefing (316.47 KB, PDF)

2010: Relative Efficiency of UK Farms

This outlines the results of a recently completed six-month Defra research contract aimed at measuring technical efficiency by farm type within the UK and across a number of EU countries.

2009: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture

This briefing looks at some of the issues facing policymakers as they face the difficult challenge of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.

2009: Assessment of the impact of partial decoupling

This reports recent research that set out to quantify the distortion to competition that partial decoupling has on the affected sectors by comparing production, prices and farm revenues over time.

2009: Overview of the costs and benefits associated with the regulation of Scottish agriculture

The primary purpose of farming is the production of food and non-food products for the market, but it is a diverse and complex industry that can have significant non-market effects.

2009: Outlook Report

SAC’s Rural Policy Centre suggests that agriculture is coping better with the present recession than many other sectors of the Scottish economy.

Beef (182.65 KB, PDF)

Sheep (182.36 KB, PDF)

Cereals and Oilseeds (185.66 KB, PDF)

Dairy (182.59 KB, PDF)

Pigs (173.48 KB, PDF)

Potatoes (180.81 KB, PDF)

Organics (182.35 KB, PDF)

2008: Primary Land-Based Business Study

This review examines the literature on the economic, social and environmental contribution of primary land-based businesses.

2008: Assessing the Impact of Increased Feed, Fuel and Fertiliser Costs on Scottish Agriculture

This report for the Scottish Government looks at the impact on Scottish agriculture of increasing feed, fuel and fertiliser costs.

2008: Carbon footprint reporting for a Scottish livestock farm

As the impact of agriculture on climate change is increasingly recognised, carbon footprinting has risen up the agenda.

2008: Business Relationships and Communication in Agri-Food Chains

The results from the European Commission and Scottish Government co-financed project, FOODCOMM, which examined the key factors influencing economic relationships and communication in agri-food chains.

2007 and 2008: Outlook Reports

Food security worries are forcing fresh appraisals of environmental policies and the degree to which we can accommodate the complex social and political demands whilst still producing affordable food.

2007: Delivering Public Goods In Agriculture: The Importance Of Genetics Research

SAC recently carried out research for Defra examining the rationale for investment in, and cost-effectiveness of, genetics research.

2012: Sustainable Intensification in Scotland

This report represents a discussion document aimed at understanding some of the issues related to sustainable intensification and how this can be measured within the Scottish context.

2012: Innovation performance and dynamics in four agrifood sectors in Scotland

The status of innovation in four selected agrifood sectors in Scotland, namely Low Carbon Farming, Genetic Selection and Improvement, Animal Health and Welfare and Food and Drink.

2012: An Index of Sustainable Intensification: Evidence from the Scottish LFA Beef Sector

This Research Briefing reports the results of recent analysis of the Scottish beef sector with the aim of deriving an index of sustainable intensification

2011: Innovation: the EU, UK and Scottish policy context

This policy briefing focuses on innovation in the land-based sector. For the key findings download the pdf below.

2012: Rural Development for Scotland: How can the new SRDP deliver?

This Policy Briefing summarises discussions at the November 2012 conference on the future of the SRDP. It includes the key points raised by each of the speakers and in the discussion time.

2013: EBVs in the Scottish sheep sector

This is a research briefing exploring the barriers to the uptake of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for genetic selection and improvement in the Scottish sheep sector

2013: The Uptake of Animal Health Planning in Scotland

This briefing describes barriers to the uptake of animal health planning in Scotland and suggests some potential solutions.

2013: Informing the development of the CAP post-2013

This document describes recent and ongoing activities undertaken by SRUC staff at Scottish, UK and EU levels to inform the development of the CAP.

2013: CAP Developments in June 2013

This briefing outlines the key points of the political agreement on the CAP, reached in late June 2013. Implications for Scotland are noted where appropriate.

2013: Assessing Farm-Level Viability in Scotland

This briefing reports the results of work undertaken to assess the long- and short-term viability of Scottish farms.

2013: Greening of the CAP - how will it affect Scottish beef and sheep farming?

This briefing summarises the results of research work which has explored the impact of adopting greening measures on the profits of Scottish beef and sheep farms.

2013: Barriers to the uptake of Nitrogen Use Efficiency practices in Scottish agriculture and potential solutions

This research briefing summarises the findings of a workshop held at SRUC in October 2013 to discuss the uptake of Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) techniques by Scottish farmers

2014: Young Entrants to Farming

This Policy Briefing highlights some of the issues and concerns regarding young entrants to farming.

2014: Breeding, feeding and management to reduce the emissions intensity of dairy production

This research briefing outlines how breeding combined with feed regime management can aid greenhouse gas mitigation.

2014: Current Trends in British Dairy Farming Regimes

This Research Briefing highlights some findings from a Defra funded project on current trend in British dairy farming regimes.

2015: The Impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy Post 2015 Reforms on Scottish Farming

This is a Research Briefing on impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy post 2015 reforms on Scottish farming.

2015: Evaluating the 2007-2013 Scotland Rural Development Programme: Lessons Learned

The Research two briefings below evaluated the 2007-2013 SRDP Rural Priorities scheme and using spatial modelling tools for evaluating the uptake of, and expenditure within, the SRDP.

2015: Electronic Identification: Making the most out of Compulsory Tagging

This policy briefing discusses how farmers can get be most of out of using electronic identification tags.

2015: Investigation of Barriers to Uptake of Electronic Identification (EID) for Sheep Management

This Research Briefing summarises the findings from a survey of farmers to investigate the potential barriers to uptake of Electronic Identification (EID) for sheep management

2015: The effect of shocks on agricultural income inequality in Scotland

This research briefing examines the long term underlying structural inequalities within the agricultural sector and how the distribution of incomes in the future may lead to greater farm resilience

Changing farm practices: planning programmes for change

This research briefing looks at how stage models can be used to identify barriers to change within a farm context.

2015: The Economic Contribution of Estates in Scotland

This presentation summarises some of the key findings of a report that was commissioned to review the economic, social and environmental contributions of landowners in the Cairngorms National Park.

2015: Farmer perceptions of risk

This research briefing summarises a study which examined farmer perceptions of different types of risk and their likelihood of taking those risks. It focuses on health & safety results of the study.

Changing farm practice: improving knowledge exchange

This research briefing summarises a study which explored the role of knowledge exchange in farmers’ adoption of small scale, low cost and new technologies and management systems.

The feasibility of using insects in salmon feed in Scotland

This research briefing summarises a study which found that increasing the use of insect meal in salmon feed could reduce demand for fishmeal and add value to low grade bio-waste streams.

Small-scale pig producers: disease biosecurity survey

Biosecurity practices and pig health status on a substantial number of small holdings are largely unknown. This survey was designed and implemented to gather some of this missing information.

Use of Welfare Quality® assessment protocol in the Scottish Dairy Industry - January 2016

The Welfare Quality® protocol for assessing on-farm animal welfare is impractical to apply due to the time required. However, most of the individual welfare measures are valid and practical to apply.