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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Downloads: Health and Wellbeing Archive

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2011: The Benefits and Challenges of the Coproduction of Health and Social Care Services in a Rural Context

The key issues raised by participants at a workshop jointly organised by SAC and the Scottish Government Joint Improvement Team (JIT) to explore the coproduction of health and social care services.

2011: Health, Wellbeing and Landscape

This Research Briefing summarises the key findings of a literature review that explores existing literature linking health and wellbeing with an engagement with natural environments and landscapes.

2011: The Costs and Benefits of Salmonid Disease Surveillance

This Briefing reports the results of research which used a cost-benefit approach to evaluate UK public and private spending on disease surveillance for three important diseases.

2011: Improving Piglet Survival

Research Briefing reports the results of recent work to explore whether it is possible to improve the survival and production of pigs through genetic selection strategies using key survival traits.

Piglet Survival (288.41 KB, PDF)

2011: Walking to a Healthier Scotland

This Policy Briefing explores the national policy context and drivers for the local-level 'Cairngorms Walking to Health Programme', run by the Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust.

2010: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Better Animal Health

This policy briefing examines the case for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through better animal health.

2009: Reducing aggression in pigs: lesions as a genetic indicator

This briefing reports recent work that examined aggressiveness in pigs.

2008: Care Farming in Scotland - A Scoping Study

This report relates the findings of recent desk research into the current extent of care farming in Scotland.

2013: Liver Fluke Risk in a Changing Climate

Research briefing on the risk of outbreaks of liver fluke based on the latest climate change projections

2013: From Lyme Bay to Licensing to De-Regulation? The current state of safety within the outdoor activities sector

This Policy Briefing covers the historical development of current legislation with suggestions regarding the shape of future legislation and potential implications for the outdoor activity sector.

2013: Tree and Plant Health and Biosecurity

Based on work undertaken during a secondment with Defra, this briefing identifies where social science research might contribute to a better understanding of tree and plant health and biosecurity.

2013: AMR Trends, Impacts and Policy messages

This policy briefing outlines what Anti-microbial Resistance (AMR) is and the growing importance and need for better monitoring of AMR levels in both veterinary and human medicine.

2015: Farmer Behaviour: What’s Changing Farm Biosecurity?

This Research Briefing presents findings from a farmer workshop and survey on their perceptions of relative riskiness regarding biosecurity when faced with a range of decision choices.

Changing farm practices: lamb castration

This study explored farmer perceptions of pain and the acceptability of current and alternative methods of lamb castration.