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Downloads: Changing Environment Archive

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2011: On- and Off-shore Renewables: Who Benefits?

This Policy Briefing summarises the key messages from a Debate organised as part of the 'Rural Scotland in Focus' series.

2011: Low carbon Scotland: What influences residents' energy use behaviours?

This Briefing shows results of new analysis of the 2008 Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey to investigate the factors that affect the energy use behaviours of Scottish residents

2011: Farmland Biodiversity Concerns and the CAP

Farmers and their farming practices are needed to maintain and improve conditions for habitats and species of European farmland biodiversity concern.

2011: Challenges for Scottish Ruminant Livestock in a Global Context

Discussion on the issues associated with ruminant livestock production, placing Scottish livestock production and its relationships with food production and climate change issues in a global context.

2010: Estimating The Scale Of Future Environmental Land Management Requirements

A study conducted by ADAS and SAC for the UK Land Use Policy Group and estimated that the minimum cost of meeting publicly defined environmental objectives in the UK would be just under £2 billion/yr.

2008: Determining Cost-Effective Climate Change Activity in Agriculture, Land Use and Forestry

Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, land use, land use change and forestry (ALULUCF) are a significant percentage of UK emissions.

2007: The Future Impact of Current Environmental Policy

Recent research involving ADAS, SAC, IGER and the AFBI sought to develop projections of the likely impact of current policies on future land use.

2007: Implementing The Action Programme For Nitrate Vulnerable Zones In Scotland

This briefing reports research by SAC and Queen Margaret University College for the Scottish Government on farmers’ awareness, attitudes and agricultural practices in relation to NVZs.

2008: Accounting for the Positive and Negative Environmental Impact of Agriculture

In an ongoing effort to develop a set of environmental accounts for agriculture, Jacobs and SAC have recently reviewed and updated a preliminary set of accounts developed in 2004.

2012: Implications of proposed CAP reforms for climate change action in Scotland

Addressing climate change features prominently as an objective in the most recent round of proposed changes to the CAP.

2012: Renewable Energy Options Study for the Cairngorms National Park

This Briefing summarises key findings and recommendations to CNPA and highlights the need for partnership working to take forward renewable energy generation projects.

2012: Low carbon Scotland: residents 'carbon' behaviours

This report provides useful information on understanding 'carbon' behaviour to help policy makers deploy the right tools to meet national carbon targets

2013: Liver Fluke Risk in a Changing Climate

Research briefing on the risk of outbreaks of liver fluke based on the latest climate change projections

2013: The impact of the woodfuel sector on the rural economy

This short scoping project was funded by the RPC to explore evidence regarding the impact of the woodfuel sector on the rural economy in Scotland.

2013: Marine Cultural Ecosystem Services: A Novel Approach to their Economic Valuation

This briefing presents details of a novel approach to estimating monetary values for cultural ecosystem services.

2013: Identifying and Valuing Marine Cultural Ecosystems Services: Turkey and the Black Sea

This briefing presents the finding of applying a novel approach to estimating monetary values for cultural ecosystem services using the Black Sea, Turkey as a case study example.

2013: Identifying and Valuing Marine Cultural Ecosystem Services: Poland and the Baltic Sea

This briefing describes a novel approach to link dynamic ecosystems and cultural inputs within an economic analysis. The work was undertaken in Gdynia, Poland.

2014: The Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

Research undertaken as part of the Scottish Government's Strategic Research Programme, Economic Adaptation: Developing a low carbon rural economy

2013: Achieving a Low Carbon Future in Rural Scotland: The Development of Passivhaus

This research briefing discusses the findings of research work to understand how the application of Passivhaus building design standards could help achieve a low carbon rural future.

2014: Breeding, feeding and management to reduce the emissions intensity of dairy production

This research briefing outlines how breeding combined with feed regime management can aid greenhouse gas mitigation.

2014: Impact of riparian buffer strips on ground beetle populations

This is a research briefing highlighting the findings from collaborative work between SRUC and The James Hutton Institute on buffer strips

2014: Successes and challenges in low carbon governance

This Research Briefing discusses the community benefits of commercial developers to nearby communities in relation to the installation of renewable projects.

2014: The Costs and Potential in Using Perennial Energy Crops to Mitigate Carbon Emissions

This Research Briefing investigates how carbon emissions can be reduced through using perennial crops and sufficient incentives.

2014: Soil and Vegetation Responses to Forested Riparian Buffer Strips

This briefing provides a summary of research that investigates soil and vegetation trends and characteristics associated with forested riparian buffer strips

2015: Fracking in Scotland

This Policy Briefing discusses some of the issues surrounding fracking and in particular how they relate to Scotland.

2015: Fracking in Scotland (576.21 KB, PDF)

2015: The role of riparian buffer strips in the conservation of insect pollinators

This is the third Research Briefing looking at the effects of different management strategies for riparian buffer strips. This briefing focuses on the affects on insect pollinators.

2015: Resource Efficiency

This is a policy briefing which discusses ways of reducing green house gas emissions on farm through resource efficiencies and thus improving financial performance.

2015: Mainstreaming climate change into rural development policy

This research briefing identifies several ways in which new and innovative climate actions could be designed and integrated into RDPs, including through LEADER and cooperative actions.

The feasibility of using insects in salmon feed in Scotland

This research briefing summarises a study which found that increasing the use of insect meal in salmon feed could reduce demand for fishmeal and add value to low grade bio-waste streams.