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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Downloads: Dairy Technical Notes

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TN617: Stockowner Biosecurity

The prevention of infectious disease to livestock farm herds and flocks is more important as margins tighten and exotic diseases threaten.

TN614: Biodiversity And Animal Health

Both biodiversity and animal health are important issues on livestock farms. Carefuly integrated farm management can benefit both wildlife and livestock and reduce diffuse pollution.

TN586: Conservation Grazing Of Semi-Natural Habitats

Most of the habitats that we value for their biodiversity have been maintained or created by human management practices, and in particular, grazing by domestic livestock.

TN599: Preventing Lameness In Dairy Cows: Hoof Lesions; Their Identification, Treatment, Management And Prevention

Lameness in every dairy herd can be split into three main categories: claw horn (hoof) lesions, skin lesions and non-foot lameness.

TN587: Managing Body Condition Scoring in Dairy Cow

Guidance on keeping cows in the correct body condition to ensure good productivity and reduced health and welfare problems.

TN588: Condition Scoring on the Modern Dairy Cow

Guidance on body condition scoring methods and linkages in scoring and fertility and energy balance in the cow

TN595: Woodchip Corrals

Corrals are a relatively low cost option for over-wintering cattle and improve animal welfare and stock performance.

TN595: Woodchip Corrals (452.64 KB, PDF)

TN468: Producing Clean Slaughter Cattle

Guidance for producers in all aspects of improving the cleanliness of cattle for slaughter.