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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Downloads: Beef Technical Notes

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TN641: Utilising Maternal Trait EBVs of Beef Bulls

Beef bulls have a major impact on the quality of the UK suckler herd as all suckler cows are sired by a beef bull.

TN634: Ensuring good welfare for out-wintered suckler cows

Studies over several years at SAC and on commercial farms have demonstrated the benefits that can be obtained from out-wintering pregnant suckler cows.

TN617: Stockowner Biosecurity

The prevention of infectious disease to livestock farm herds and flocks is more important as margins tighten and exotic diseases threaten.

TN614: Biodiversity And Animal Health

Both biodiversity and animal health are important issues on livestock farms. Carefuly integrated farm management can benefit both wildlife and livestock and reduce diffuse pollution.

TN564: Modifying existing cattle handling systems to improve human safety

Some persistent problems found in Scottish beef handling systems could be overcome by fairly simple modifications to the existing facilities.

TN565: Recommendations for the design of new, safe and efficient cattle handling systems

Constructing a new handling system is a major and long-term investment and it pays to design the system correctly from the start.

TN586: Conservation Grazing Of Semi-Natural Habitats

Most of the habitats that we value for their biodiversity have been maintained or created by human management practices, and in particular, grazing by domestic livestock.

TN610: Ventilation Of Cattle And Sheep Buildings

Effective ventilation is crucial. In cattle and sheep buildings it is usual to rely on natural ventilation to create the required internal climatic conditions for housed livestock.

TN599: Preventing Lameness In Dairy Cows: Hoof Lesions; Their Identification, Treatment, Management And Prevention

Lameness in every dairy herd can be split into three main categories: claw horn (hoof) lesions, skin lesions and non-foot lameness.

TN574: The Control and Management of Calf Diarrhoea in Beef Herds

Guidance on the causes of the disease, treatment and control measures

TN573: Planned Worm Control for the Beef Herd

Guidance on cost effective treatment programmes

TN541: Health Status of Breeding Cattle for Sale

Guidance on managing risks of major diseases in cattle for sale

TN595: Woodchip Corrals

Corrals are a relatively low cost option for over-wintering cattle and improve animal welfare and stock performance.

TN595: Woodchip Corrals (452.64 KB, PDF)

TN468: Producing Clean Slaughter Cattle

Guidance for producers in all aspects of improving the cleanliness of cattle for slaughter.