Downloads: Advisory Activities

The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint documents can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

Cattle and Sheep Inspections

More details about cattle and sheep inspections.

Cattle and Sheep Inspections (358.12 KB, PDF)

Cross Compliance Downloads

Workbook of all Cross Compliance Checklists (2.09 MB, PDF)

GAEC 1 Checklist - Buffer strips along watercourses (234.71 KB, PDF)

GAEC 2 Checklist - Abstraction of water for irrigation (174.02 KB, PDF)

GAEC 3 Checklist - Protection of groundwater against pollution (177.6 KB, PDF)

GAEC 4 Checklist - Minimum soil cover (187.07 KB, PDF)

GAEC 5 Checklist - Minimum land management reflecting site specific condition to limit erosion (411.32 KB, PDF)

GAEC 6 Checklist - Maintenance of soil organic matter (254.51 KB, PDF)

GAEC 7 Checklist - Retention of landscape features (219.44 KB, PDF)

SMR 1 Checklist - Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (417.85 KB, PDF)

SMR 2 Checklist - Conservation of wild birds (214.19 KB, PDF)

SMR 3 Checklist - Conservation of flora and fauna (250.74 KB, PDF)

SMR 4 Checklist - Food and feed law (289.48 KB, PDF)

SMR 5 Checklist - Restrictions on the use of substances having hormonal or thyrostatic action and beta-agonists in farm animals (172.21 KB, PDF)

SMR 6 Checklist - Pig identification and registration (285.58 KB, PDF)

SMR 7 Checklist - Cattle identification and registration (353.05 KB, PDF)

SMR 8 Checklist - Sheep and goat identification (293.16 KB, PDF)

SMR 9 Checklist - Prevention and control of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) (163.38 KB, PDF)

SMR 10 Checklist - Restriction on the use of plant protection products (304.87 KB, PDF)

SMR 11 Checklist - Welfare of calves (318.09 KB, PDF)

SMR 12 Checklist - Welfare of pigs (381.15 KB, PDF)

SMR 13 Checklist - Welfare of farmed animals (411.85 KB, PDF)

Common Cross Compliance Breaches (342.02 KB, PDF)

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