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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

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ESRC Festival of Social Science 2012

Please download our event invite below.

2012: Rural Development for Scotland: How can the new SRDP deliver?

This Policy Briefing summarises discussions at the November 2012 conference on the future of the SRDP. It includes the key points raised by each of the speakers and in the discussion time.

Edinburgh Discussion Circle Presentation 2013-14

Provided the authors give permission their presentations will be uploaded here as soon as possible after the presentation.
Please note all figures in Rosi's presentation are hypothetical.

Coproduction, capacity and change: challenges and opportunities for rural communities

This document provides further details on the call for abstracts for the RGS-IBG Annual Conference

Call for Abstracts (423.66 KB, PDF)

WTO and Agriculture

This presentation originally by Edwini Kessie of the WTO was the basis of our discussion at the October meeting of the Edinburgh Agriculture Economics Discussion Circle

Impact of WTO Trading on Northern Irish Beef and Sheep Meat Sector

Presentation by Michael Haverty of Andersons Centre at 4 December EAEDC meeting

Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation presentation

Presentation from Robbie Landsburgh and Jamie Smith from the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation to the EAEDC meeting on 15 January

SSPO Presentation (1.82 MB, PDF)

Scotland Food and Drink presentation

Presentation from Andrew Niven on global trends and future opportunities for Scottish food and drink

Andrew Niven slides (2.78 MB, PDF)

The implications of Brexit for agricultural policy and trade

Presentation delivered by Prof Alan Matthews at the sixth meeting of the Edinburgh Agricultural Economics Discussion Circle (EAEDC)

AMR Event leaflet

Information leaflet for the forthcoming SEFARI-funded event "Antimicrobials and Food Production:
Should We Be Worried?"

Future Land Use in the South of Scotland

These are presentations delivered at the event on land use in Southern Scotland and summary briefing.

Meeting 4: Technology and rural communities

These are the presentations that were delivered at the fourth meeting of the cross party group on rural Policy, held on 5 June

Meeting 2: Delivering Public Goods

These are the presentations that were delivered at the second meeting of the Cross Party Group on Rural Policy, held on the 28th November

McCracken presentation (4.16 MB, PDF)

Madrigal presentation (3.2 MB, PDF)

Sullivan presentation (1.13 MB, PDF)

Chaplin presentation (875.2 KB, PDF)

Approved Minutes (385.74 KB, PDF)

Evaluation of Finnish Policy

Presentation and Evaluation of Finnish Island Policy.

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