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SRUC Research

Our vision, strategy and capability.

SRUC Research (470.97 KB, PDF)

Livestock research at SRUC

A sample of the industry leading research being undertaken across SRUC on behalf of the livestock sector.

Introduction (532.49 KB, PDF)

AnimaL Electronic Recording, Transmission and Synthesis (ALERTS) (296.97 KB, PDF)

Alternative Growth Paths for Finishing Cattle (445.87 KB, PDF)

Beef cattle breeding for healthy meat (215.4 KB, PDF)

Measuring Carcase Characteristics on the Hoof (171.13 KB, PDF)

Net Feed Efficiency in Stabiliser Cattle (234.9 KB, PDF)

Poor Cattle Temperament Reduces Productivity (527.99 KB, PDF)

Identifying superior carcases through Visual Image Analysis (VIA) and genomics (370.82 KB, PDF)

Feeding of fresh grass to housed dairy cows (336.64 KB, PDF)

Assessing Hill Breed Performance (506.57 KB, PDF)

Breeding for Footrot Resistance Using genomic technology in the Texel Breed (308.96 KB, PDF)

Breeding for Mastitis Resistance in Texel Sheep Using Genomic Technology (237.77 KB, PDF)

Breeding for more taste and less waste in crossbred lambs (598.18 KB, PDF)

Electronic Identification (EID) for sheep production (302.62 KB, PDF)

Restocking an Open Hill With Un-hefted Hoggs (364.19 KB, PDF)

Lamb Vigour at Birth Improves Lamb Survival (352.34 KB, PDF)

Taking a Targeted Approach to Worming Lambs (286.33 KB, PDF)

Methane Production in Scottish Beef Cattle and Sheep Systems (296.98 KB, PDF)

Mothers Matter (337.57 KB, PDF)

Soil Compaction Reduces Grassland Yield (337.87 KB, PDF)

Virtual Fencing Systems for Livestock (363.12 KB, PDF)

All Grass Wintering of Sheep (184.64 KB, PDF)

Alternative Clovers (390.37 KB, PDF)

Combined breed analysis for terminal sire sheep breeds (133.17 KB, PDF)

Computing tomography (CT) measures of lamb (162.85 KB, PDF)

Generating EBVs for postnatal lamb survival (431.68 KB, PDF)

Grass and clover varieties for Scotland (131.38 KB, PDF)

Improving female fertility and calf survival in the UK beef industry (126.33 KB, PDF)

Providing loafing areas for dairy cattle (133.22 KB, PDF)

Selecting ewes to retain in the flock (160.09 KB, PDF)

Stress and its effects on cattle efficiency (142.01 KB, PDF)

Using abattoir data and BCMS records for carcass trait evaluations (122.25 KB, PDF)

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