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2011: An Analysis of Marketing Channels for Local Food in Scotland

This Research Briefing reports the key findings of research into the spatial dynamics of local food in Scotland, with a particular focus on the marketing channels used by producers and retailers.

2010: Minimum Pricing Of Alcohol And Its Impact On Consumption In The UK

The Scottish Government published its Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) Bill on 1st November 2011. This research briefing disucsses the impact the policy would have across different socio-economic groups

2009: Food Security

This report and marketing guide, unpacks the issue of food security, highlights the positions taken on different sides and provides links to key sources.

2009: Use of Supermarket Scanner Data to Measure Bread Consumption and Nutrition Choice in Scotland

All over the world there is a growing concern about increasing food prices and how this may affect access to and affordability of food.

2009: Use of a Dataset of Supermarket Purchases for the Analysis of Red Meat Purchases in Scotland

A great deal of public policy and funding is directed at improving health, it is important to track changes in the diet of the population so that advice and interventions can be appropriately targeted

2008: The Future For Food In Scotland - Analysis Of Responses To The National Discussion

On 7 November 2007 the Scottish Parliament resolved that Scotland should have a national food policy.

2008: Distribution of local and locality food activity in Scotland

This briefing reports recent research to map and analyse the distribution of local food activity in Scotland.

2012: Soft fruit consumption in Scotland

This Research Briefing discusses the consumption of soft fruit such as strawberries and raspberries in Scotland, and that loacality and seasonality need to be accounted when considering 'food miles'

2012: Online food purchasing in Scotland

This briefing helps to identify areas of potential market growth for SMEs seeking to use the internet as a marketing channel by providing insights into online food purchasing

2013: Food Supply Chains: Discussion at the Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Rural Policy

This Policy Briefing was development after the Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Rural Policy meeting discussing issues regarding the food supply chains

2013: Scottish Dairy Sector Efficiency and UK’s Dairy Purchases Trends - A Contribution to the Scottish Dairy Sector Review

Two RPC Associates, Cesar Revoredo-Giha and Andrew Barnes produced this report in conjuction with Scottish Government. As such the RPC is making this work available to the public.

2013: Assessing Consumers’ Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Organic Milk

This briefing discusses the results of a study of consumers’ preferences and willingness to pay for organic milk with some useful messages for policy-makers and industry representatives.

2013: Scotland's Food and Drink Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

This Briefing discusses the challenges and opportunities facing Scotland's food and drink sector, and the policy context in which it operates.

2014: Comparing productivity in the milk production and processing sectors

This is a research briefing which focuses on the productivity of the milk processing sector with technical change and efficiency change.

2015: Campylobacter in Chicken Flocks: The Issues and Views of the Disease and its Control

This research briefing describes some of the findings from a Defra funded project on assessing the efficacy of on-farm biosecurity measures for controlling Campylobacter - OZ0625.

2015: An analysis of the demand for fresh fruit in Scotland

This study analysed how demand for fresh fruits in Scotland changes when price and income change.

Horticultural Food Waste in Scotland

This research briefings focuses on how food supply chain improvements can reduce food waste from Scottish fruit and vegetable farms

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