Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Downloads: Farm Animal Diagnostics

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Wild bird disease surveillance in Scotland

This work is supported by Scottish Government as part of its Public Good Veterinary and Advisory Services.

Scottish Government BVD Screening Submission Form

The details requested on the form allow our vets to determine the status of the herd and report information to the Scottish Government.

Sheep Scab

Sheep Scab Checklist (227.82 KB, PDF)

Influenza In Pigs

Code of Practice

SRUC Veterinary Services Price List

We offer diagnostic testing, advice and support to veterinary surgeons in practice for the diagnosis, control and prevention of disease in farm and companion animals plus testing of animal feeds etc.

Dairy Diagnostics Brochure

Dairy Diagnostics Services

Dairy Diagnostics Brochure (305.97 KB, PDF)