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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

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Animal Health Planning System (SAHPS)

Information on the Animal Health Planning System

SAHPS Flyer (1.64 MB, PDF)

Monthly Reports 2015

Issued by SAC Consulting Veterinary Services

February Monthly Report 2015 (537.24 KB, PDF)

January Monthly Report 2015 (631.22 KB, PDF)

Veterinary Disease Surveillance Consultation Responses

Anonymous (260.26 KB, PDF)

Armour Vet Group (138.01 KB, PDF)

Ian Blackford MP (173.85 KB, PDF)

British Deer Farms and Parks Association (92.23 KB, PDF)

British Veterinary Association (105.94 KB, PDF)

Audrey Cameron (200.79 KB, PDF)

The Coigach Community Council (29.16 KB, PDF)

Eilidh Corr (265.8 KB, PDF)

John Dalrymple Hamilton OBE (51.66 KB, PDF)

Highland Vets (184.91 KB, PDF)

Fergus Ewing MSP (67.11 KB, PDF)

Chris Excell (165.83 KB, PDF)

John Finnie MSP (306.09 KB, PDF)

Geoff Foster (243.19 KB, PDF)

Stephen George (53.58 KB, PDF)

Douglas Gill (180.5 KB, PDF)

Goldsmith and Co (4.84 KB, PDF)

Graeme Gordon (24.25 KB, PDF)

G Gunn (193.7 KB, PDF)

Patrick Harrison (90.96 KB, PDF)

Highland Council (173.92 KB, PDF)

The Highland Council (107.25 KB, PDF)

Highland Wildlife Park (181.13 KB, PDF)

Adam Ingram MSP (80.46 KB, PDF)

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (109.09 KB, PDF)

Fergus Laing (91.5 KB, PDF)

Derek Louden (94.52 KB, PDF)

Alasdair Macnab (72.3 KB, PDF)

Marine Animal Rescue Coalition (105.15 KB, PDF)

Marine Scotland (118.65 KB, PDF)

MBM Veterinary Group (160.73 KB, PDF)

MBM Veterinary Group - attachment (244.57 KB, PDF)

George Mitchell (1.02 MB, PDF)

Matt Mitchell (148.03 KB, PDF)

Moredun Research Institute (117.88 KB, PDF)

Iain Muir (378.3 KB, PDF)

NFU Scotland (181.21 KB, PDF)

NFU Scotland - Highland Region (71.79 KB, PDF)

NFU Scotland - Ayrshire Region (195.04 KB, PDF)

NHS Highland (12.1 KB, PDF)

Ken Oates (178.48 KB, PDF)

Ian Perks (166.61 KB, PDF)

Graham Pierce (178.41 KB, PDF)

Becky Race (95.79 KB, PDF)

Lucy Rogers (91.23 KB, PDF)

George Ross (91.96 KB, PDF)

RSPB Isle of Skye Office (463.52 KB, PDF)

Scottish Tenant Farmers Association (273.37 KB, PDF)

Sea Mammal Research Unit (153.18 KB, PDF)

Marianne Simpson (175.79 KB, PDF)

Southern Isles Vet Practice (5.49 KB, PDF)

Frank Spencer-Nairn (72.79 KB, PDF)

David Stewart MSP (5.37 KB, PDF)

Strathspey Veterinary Centre (162.93 KB, PDF)

Andy Summers (177.03 KB, PDF)

Kenneth Sutherland (184.37 KB, PDF)

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (298.61 KB, PDF)

Charlotte Fraser (7.67 KB, PDF)

David Logue (94.59 KB, PDF)

Scottish Crofting Federation (191.06 KB, PDF)

Scottish Natural Heritage (8.11 KB, PDF)

Ailsa Curnow (8.06 KB, PDF)

Animal and Plant Health Agency (2.07 MB, PDF)

Central Analytical Lab move to Moredun

With regards to the attached letter, please be aware that this only applies to samples you would normally send direct to VC Edinburgh – please continue to send all remaining samples (i.e. diagnostic, BVD, PCHS) to your normal centre for booking in and processing as usual

Resumption of PSGHS Testing

Resumption of PSGHS Testing

Resumption of PSGHS Testing (14.36 KB, ODT)

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