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Awareness and attitudes towards Biotechnology Innovations

Awareness and Attitudes towards Biotechnology Innovations among
Farmers and Rural Population in the European Union

Innovation and Power in Food Supply Chains

Innovation and Power in Food Supply Chains: The Case of the Potato
Sector in the UK

Rural Report 2017/18 Executive Summary

The Rural Report 2017/18 Executive Summary

The Gender Pay Gap in Rural Scotland

Exploring the Gender Pay Gap in Rural Scotland

Evaluation of Finnish Policy

Presentation and Evaluation of Finnish Island Policy.

Promoting positive animal welfare in dairy cattle and sheep

Research briefings on the positive animal welfare in relation to dairy cattle and sheep.

James Park - Scotch Whisky

The presentation by James Park, Head of Economics at the Scotch Whisky Association.

The Future Demand for Smallholdings in Scotland - an Assessment

This research project was undertaken to assess demand for small landholdings in Scotland.

Meeting 4: Transition to the Future

The presentations from the 4th Meeting of the CPG are available to download here.

Nigel Miller (726.24 KB, PPTX)

Angel Lamont - Tyne Esk Leader (753.9 KB, PPTX)

Rachael Wakefiled - CENSIS - IoTs (2.91 MB, PPTX)

Unnapproved Minutes June 2019 (555.49 KB, PDF)

Rural Report Questionnaire

The questions for Rural Business survey can be viewed here.

Rural Report 2018/19

The full report is available to download here, as well as the emerging findings poster.

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