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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Catriona Webster

Laboratory Scientist
Future Farming Systems - Epidemiology Research Unit

Research interests 

I joined SAC in June 2009 as a Laboratory Scientist. I currently provide technical support both in the laboratory and in the field for several research projects. Some recent projects are listed below.

Selected research projects

  • Estimation of AMR in archived faecal samples
  • Maximising the predictive power of different measures of antimicrobial resistance for clinical outcomes using clinical mastitis in dairy cows as an exemplar
  • FSA/FSS – E.coli O157 super-shedding in cattle and mitigation of human risk
  • DEFRA – Interventions to reduce E.coli O157 shedding in cattle prior to slaughter
  • FSA – Trial of visual inspection of fattening pigs from non-controlled housing conditions
  • FSA - Detection of sorbitol-fermenting verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H-

Selected Publications

  • R.W. Humphry, J. Evans, C. Webster, S.C. Tongue, G.T. Innocent, G.J. Gunn (2017) ‘An empirical comparison of isolate-based and sample-based definitions of antimicrobial resistance and their effect on estimates of prevalence.’ Preventive Veterinary Medicine
  • M.K. Henry, S.C. Tongue, J. Evans, C. Webster, I.J. McKendrick, M. Morgan, A. Willett, A. Reeves, R.W. Humphry, D.L. Gally, G.J. Gunn, M.E. Chase-Topping (2017) ‘British E coli O157 in cattle study (BECS): to determine the prevalence of E coli O157 in herds with cattle destined for the food chain.’ Epidemiology Infection

Catriona Webster

Laboratory Scientist

Address: Future Farming Systems
SRUC Epidemiology Research Unit
Plot 10, An Lòchran
Inverness IV2 5NA

Telephone: 01463 246 062