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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Dr Cesar Revoredo Giha

Senior Economist and Team Leader
Land Economy, Environment and society Research Group

Food Marketing

Research interests 

My work covers the analysis of entire agrifood supply chains operation (agriculture, processing, distribution, retailing and consumption) and their environment including issues such as production, marketing, food policy analysis, market structure, trade, demand analysis. My areas of interest are related to my PhD areas of specialisation, namely: industrial organisation, international trade, and econometrics. Specifically:

  • The empirical analysis of agrifood supply chain responses to changes in policy.
  • The operation and performance of agrifood supply chains and their implications for the farming sector in developed and developing countries.
  • Analysis of consumers’ food and drink demand using large, detailed household datasets
  • Uptake of new food and drink products by consumers.
  • Additionally, other research interests are in areas related to development economics, such as food policy, nutrition, and poverty.

Selected research projects

  • “Formulating Value Chains for Orphan Crops in Africa” 2017-19 (coordinator)
    This RCUK GCRF Foundation Award for Global Agriculture and Food Systems Research project for BBSRC aiming at bridging the supply and demand for underutilised crops.
  • The Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS) Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021. Theme 3 (Lead of WP 3.3 and SRUC RD 3.1.1, RD 3.1.2)
    The work involves analyses of the introduction of new food products with sustainable and healthy attributes as well as consumption and trade.
  • “Mobilising Agro-Food Expertise” 2014-2017 (SRUC Coordinator)
    This ERASMUS+ Project brings together 5 European universities and two companies in the agro-business sector to provide study programme on modern supply chains.
  • “SUSDIET: Implementing sustainable diets in Europe” 2014-2017 (SRUC coordinator and WP3 coordinator)
    This ERANET SUSFOOD project (SRUC funded by Defra) aims at identifying sustainable diets compatible with consumers' preferences in Europe and policies which could favour their adoption.
  • Assessing the Contribution of the Dairy Sector to Economic Growth and Food Security in Malawi” 2012-15 (coordinator)
    This DFID-ESRC project aimed at analysing factors hampering the development of the dairy sector in Malawi. 


I coordinate the module ‘Frameworks to Assess Food Security’, which is part of MSc in Food Security of the University of Edinburgh ( taught-masters/msc-food-security).  This course introduces students to trends on population demographics and their impact on food demand, distributional issues (e.g., affordability and accessibility issues); food supply (availability) and the effect of technology and climate change; importance of trade for food availability and as a stabilisation mechanism. A number of food security methodologies will be used to analyse country and household level vulnerability to food insecurity. In addition, I contribute with lectures in other courses.

PhD students

  • Ms. Bethan Thompson (with University of Edinburgh) 2015-2018
    The topic of her dissertation is an analysis of waste along the dairy supply chain in Scotland.
  • Ms. Olivia Placzek (with Bournemouth University) 2016-2020
    Her dissertation explores the topic of supermarket promotions, food demand and obesity.
  • Mr. Fernando Agra-Lorenzo (with Glasgow University) 2017-2020
    This dissertation studies the possibilities of establishing collaborative supply chains on the Scottish dairy sector.

In addition, I supervise students of the MSc in Food Security on areas related to food supply chains and demand.

Selected publications

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Dr Cesar Revoredo-Giha

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