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Garden and Greenspace Design BSc / BSc Hons

Level: SCQF 9-10

UCAS Code: K301

Available at these campuses: Edinburgh

About the Course

Garden Greenspace DesignUK garden designers are held in high regard worldwide. Increasing demand for the services of garden and landscape designers in Europe and further afield is creating exciting opportunities for those qualified. Well-trained garden designers are equipped to design small scale public open spaces as well as larger gardens.

This degree programme opens students up to the world of landscape design at a range of scales from the domestic garden to public greenspace and the wider environment.  The creation and management of successful greenspace is becoming ever more important as more and more of us live in cities, agricultural systems evolve and we are faced with increasing environmental pressure.  

Years one and two develop the basic toolkit required to be a garden designer while years three and four of this new degree course broaden and deepen your knowledge and encourage exploration and production of more ambitious designs. The course has a strong focus on plant knowledge, hard landscaping and business studies. The first two years follow the HND Garden Design. By the end of these formative years you will have been exposed to all aspects of the design and construction of gardens as well as the principles of garden design, history and the context of design within society and environmental conditions.

Year three opens with the exciting opportunity to visit a foreign destination as part of International Design Project module. This experience is intended to expose students to new cultures, to the social aspect of landscape design, and the challenges and rewards of design in a different climate and environment. This approach of supporting classroom teaching with working out of the lecture theatre into the wider landscape continues with site visits to parks and open spaces, and is augmented by being involved in projects with real clients. In the final year of the honours stream students get to research relevant topics of their choosing in the field of landscape design. Past projects have looked at a wide range of topics, asking questions such as what’s the relationship between physical exercise and greenspace? How do we sustain urban agriculture?  And many other fascinating questions.

In the final two years you will study international and regional garden styles, climatic zones and ornamental plants, sustainable design and environmental issues, landscape horticulture, advanced techniques in digital media and professional practice in order to broaden knowledge of the wider landscape industry. You will undertake project design work on real sites with community and private clients to expand your ability to design innovatively and in detail. A project abroad may be undertaken, and you will research specific themes such as water conservation or designing recreational spaces to encourage wellbeing.

Over the course of the degree you will gain valuable skills ranging from Computer Aided Draughting or the preparation of a landscape management plan. Subject areas include planting in different climate zones, environmental psychology, professional practice and further computer aided draughting. The breath and depth of greenspace design is revealed and by the end you will have learned to ‘read’ the landscape and we believe you’ll never see the environment quite the same again!

Course Duration: BSc 3 years, BSc(Hons) 4 years if studied full-time

The Garden and Greenspace Design BSc/BSc (Hons) degree is awarded by the University of Glasgow.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a minimum of 4 Scottish Highers (BBCC)/3 A-Levels (BCC) or equivalent qualification preferably to include a science subject or geography.

Course Content

 Throughout the course you will develop:

• an understanding of the many facets of garden design, including design, plant knowledge, hard landscaping and business studies

• hands-on horticultural knowledge

• knowledge and skills required to enter the garden design profession by designing gardens for real clients

• skills to broaden and deepen your knowledge and encourage exploration and production of more ambitious designs, for example, through an international design project in your third year

• research skills, undertaking a project in Year 4 in a subject that interests you, drawing together all you have learned on your course.

You will study a wide range of subjects including landscape graphics, design process and composition, environmental psychology, plant recognition, planting design, surveying, business management, computer aided design, international and regional garden styles, climatic zones, ornamental plants, sustainable design and environmental issues.

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