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Watch our recorded free webinars on a wide range of farm animal topics.

Please go to the SRUC elearning platform and use your login details or create a new, free account. Then select the talk(s) you want to watch.

The newest free talks are:

  • Practical nutrition for vets
  • Mycoplasma bovis in cattle
  • Roundworms in a changing environment: diagnosis now and in the future
  • Investigation of neonatal lamb losses
  • Exploring the opportunities and challenges of prescribing antibiotics in farm animal practice
  • Bovine Respiratory Disease: Pathogens, pathology and diagnostics
  • Gross pathology in backyard poultry and Avian Influenza update
  • Histophilus somni septicaemia in cattle
  • Dynamic health planning
  • Sheep worms unhatched
  • Leading the fight against lungworm in cattle
  • Bovine abortion investigation
  • Neonatal calf losses investigation
  • Investigating sudden death in suckler calves at grass
  • Salmonellosis in SW Scotland – Dublin, Typhimurium and Mbandaka

We also offer many older talks for free in the archived section of our elearning platform (this also requires an account). Some of the older talks available are: 

  • 2000 Beef Cows: Calf losses from breeding to weaning (2020)
  • An update on common conditions of pigs, their management and control (2019)
  • Causes and economic effects of poor cattle temperament and the design of better handling (2019)
  • Cryptosporidium: a major source of neonatal calf diarrhoea (2020)
  • Digital Dermatitis: Kicking it out of the herd (2018)
  • Fodder Beet in livestock systems – What does the vet need to know? (2020)
  • Health issues in growing lambs (2019)
  • Health planning – a pleasure or a chore? (2020)
  • Hot topics in dairy cow nutrition (2019)
  • Improving flock output through better nutrition (2019)
  • Improving the health and performance of dairy cattle through better copper nutrition (2019)
  • Lameness in sheep: Surely it's just blue spray? (2018)
  • Practical mineral nutrition for sucklers and sheep (2020)
  • Practitioner's guide to bovine stillbirth investigations (2018)
  • Sheep scab – is there anything new about it? (2019)
  • Treating the backyard chicken (2019)

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