We offer evening live CPD webinars that are delivered by SRUC Veterinary Investigation Officers, SRUC speakers and external experts. This CPD activity is part of the Outreach for Surveillance and Bitesize CPD programme. The live webinars, which are also recorded, are funded by the Scottish Government and are delivered to UK and overseas veterinary practitioners free of cost.

Note that the webinar recordings will be forward to CPD attendees after each talk and can be accessed through the online CPD academy/free talks section. Please contact us for any queries via the form below.

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Upcoming talks

Mycoplasma bovis in cattle (live webinar)

Date and time: 14 June 2022, 7-8pm
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Talk summary

Mycoplasma bovis is much talked about at the moment. This webinar will cover the most up-to-date thinking on the disease, its potential significance for different cattle rearing systems and options for diagnosis, treatment and control.

Speaker: Colin Mason, Veterinary Investigation Officer at SRUC


Practical nutrition for vets (live webinar)

Date and time: 20 July 2022, 7-8pm
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Talk summary

We'll cover some of the key practical aspects of nutrition and feeding management in the dairy herd and highlight how these can be used as indicators of health and performance. We'll also include case study examples.

Speaker: Colin Mason, Veterinary Investigation Officer at SRUC; Lorna MacPherson, Dairy Consultant at SAC Consulting

Past talks

Roundworms in a changing environment: diagnosis now and in the future (past event)

We talked about how factors such as climate and management affect cattle and sheep nematode behaviour, dynamics and epidemiology. We also discussed the practical impact of this ever-changing environment on nematode control strategies and the opportunities raised for the development of new diagnostics.

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