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Dr Claire Morgan-Davies

Livestock Systems Scientist
Future Farming Systems - Hill & Mountain Research Centre

Research interests 

I'm a multidisciplinary scientist with a focus on extensive livestock production, particularly in mountain areas.

My current interests include:

  • Assessment of farm labour and its role on farm viability.
  • Use of Electronic Identification (EID) and technology in extensive sheep systems  for improved management and profitability.
  • Uptake and knowledge exchange with farming industry.
  • Sustainable intensification in the hills, land abandonment.
  • Impacts of policies on farmers' economic options.

Selected research projects

  • SheepNet (Sharing Expertise and Experience towards sheep Productivity through NETworking) - H2020 Thematic network EU funded project with 6 EU countries and Turkey about practice-driven innovation to improve sheep productivity. It establishes durable exchange of scientific and practical knowledge among researchers, farmers and advisors across Europe.
  • Trade-offs between productivity and sustainability - RESAS (2016-21) funded project on assessing the overall sustainability of alternative upland sheep systems in terms of production, economic, animal health & welfare and wider environmental impacts.
  • Livestock with improved performance in terms of health, welfare, resource use and outputs - RESAS (2011-2016) funded project on best practice to help maintain the efficiency and productivity of extensive systems whilst minimising externalities, looking at new approaches to understand barriers to uptake of existing and new technologies and management systems.
  • Optimising use of labour at lambing time - AHDB (2015) funded project on recording labour at lambing time on outdoor sheep farms.
  • Changing role of hill farming (PhD part-time studies) - My thesis (published 2014), examined the role of hill farming in the context of support policies changes by investigating how farmers respond to changing policy, by understanding what other interested stakeholders expect from the hills, and exploring how farmers can adapt their farming system to these changes and expectations.

PhD students

  • Harriet Wishart
    Applying Precision Livestock Farming approaches to an extensive sheep system using identification and weighing technology (with Tony Waterhouse, Alistair Stott –SRUC- and Ron Wilson – Edinburgh University)
  • Ping Zhou
    Investigation of reproductive and health factors influencing breeding ewe fertility in hill flocks (with Tom McEvoy, Nicola Lambe – SRUC – and Neil Sargison – Edinburgh University)
  • Dwayne Shiels
    Maternal behaviour and lamb survival (with Cathy Dwyer – SRUC – and Tim Keady – Teagasc)

Selected publications

See all of Claire Morgan-Davies' publications here.

Dr Claire Morgan-Davies

Livestock Systems Scientist

Address: Future Farming Systems, Hill & Mountain Research Centre, Kirkton Farm, Crianlarich FK20 8RU

Telephone: 01838 400 210