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Dr Carla Gomes

Veterinary Epidemiologist
Future Farming Systems - Epidemiology Research Unit

Research interests 

I qualified as a veterinary from Porto University in 2002. While I was working as a clinician in practice, I did a Master in Public Heath in Lisbon Technical University (2005), where I developed work in paratuberculosis in dairy cattle. I finished my PhD in January 2014 and it consisted in the study of Salmonella in swine in Portugal – risk characterization and development of a simulation model of disease transmission in swine herds.

I am currently involved in several projects related to the pig sector and other livestock species. I am the ERU species-expert for pigs and contribute expertise to the existing EPIC COE.

My current research interests are:

  • the provision of relevant epidemiological science that meets the needs of policy-makers and industry;
  • the application of quantitative methods to allow the integration of data from different sources and making the best use of it;
  • the estimation of risk factors and
  • disease modelling (special interest in within herd disease spread and control options).

Selected research projects

  • RESAS RD2.2.2 (Evaluation of livestock health) and RD 2.2.6 (Animal disease epidemiology): work with livestock industry data on disease distributions and knowledge exchange for surveillance, disease control and animal health
  • EPIC III consortium, Topic 3 (Improving veterinary surveillance) and Topic 4 (Analysis of potential disease control options) - Analyses of potential disease control options – with the particular responsibility to work with other scientists to provide the evidence base to establish the best control strategies to match pig industry’s needs
  • KTIF Innovative use of emerging technologies to improve pig production efficiency: working in collaboration with the Scottish pig industry we will combine health and performance data to improve health and productivity
  • BBRSC Improving the control of liver fluke infection in cattle in the UK: improve control of F. hepatica infection in cattle by developing new management tools.



I have worked on Porto University, from 2007 to 2012, helping in the lecturing of the following modules: 1) Biostatistics for the Human and Veterinary Medicine degree, 2) Epidemiology, and 3) Public Health, both for Veterinary Medicine degree.

I taught introductory courses to statistics for NHS Highland and epidemiology applied to practice to vets.

Selected publications

  • Correia-Gomes, C, Eze, JI, Borobia-Belsue, J, Tucker, AW, Sparrow, D, Strachan, DW, Gunn, GJ. Voluntary Monitoring Systems for Pig Health and Welfare in the UK: comparative analysis of prevalence and temporal patterns of selected non-respiratory post mortem conditions. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2017, 146, 1-9.
  • Correia-Gomes, C., Henry, M.K, Auty, H.K, Gunn, G.J. Exploring the role of small-scale livestock keepers for national biosecurity—The pig case. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2017, 145, 7-15
  • Porphyre, T., Correia-Gomes, C., Chase-Topping, M.E., Gamado, Auty, H.K., Hutchinson, I., Reeves, A., Gunn, G.J. and Woolhouse, M.E.J. Vulnerability of the British swine industry to classical swine fever. Scientific Reports 2017.
  • Correia-Gomes, C., Smith, R.P., Eze, J.I., Henry, M.K., Gunn, G.J., Williamson, S., Tongue, S.C. 2016. “Pig Abattoir Inspection Data: Can It Be Used for Surveillance Purposes?”. PlosOne,
  • Porphyre, T; Boden, LA; Correia-Gomes, C; Auty, HK; Gunn, GJ; Woolhouse, MEJ. 2016. “Using national movement databases to help inform responses to swine disease outbreaks in Scotland: the impact of uncertainty around incursion time”. Scientific Reports, Volume 6, 20258,
  • Eze, JI, Correia-Gomes, C, Borobia-Belsue, J, Tucker, AW, Sparrow, D, Strachan, DW, Gunn, GJ. 2015. “Comparison of Respiratory Disease Prevalence among Voluntary Monitoring Systems for Pig Health and Welfare in the UK”. PlosOne, Volume 10, Issue 5,
  • Thibaud Porphyre, Lisa A Boden, Carla Correia-Gomes, Harriet K Auty, George J Gunn, Mark EJ Woolhouse. 2014. “How commercial and non-commercial swine producers move pigs in Scotland: a detailed descriptive analysis” BMC Veterinary Research, 10:140

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Dr Carla Gomes

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Address: SRUC/SAC Research
Future Farming Systems
Epidemiology Research Unit
An Lòchran
Inverness Campus
Inverness IV2 5NA

Telephone: 01463 246 065