George Caldow BVM&S, MSc, Cert. CHP, Dip ECBHM, MRCVS, FRAgS

Head of SRUC Veterinary Services

Head of SRUC Veterinary Services, prior to that he was Veterinary Centre Manager at DSC St Boswell's and Veterinary Manager of Health Schemes. George qualified in 1980 and worked in general practice. He was Veterinary officer for MLC from 1984 to 1987 then joined SAC as Veterinary Investigation Officer SAC in 1987. Member of the UK Cattle Expert Group advising on national surveillance for endemic and emerging cattle diseases. Manager of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS). PCHS disease consultant for Johne’s disease and BVDV. Original member of CHeCS technical group. First author on Defra review of the Surveillance of Johne’s disease 2001. Author of discussion document for the eradication of BVDV in Scotland. Member of Scottish Government’s BVD eradication steering group.Author of Scottish Government’s on-line BVD training module for vets. Manager of SAC’s on-line Animal Health planning system for sheep and beef cattle. Led the design and development of the on-line software to support Scottish Government’s health planning initiative. Planning and delivering CPD courses for vets.

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Veterinary Centre Manager, St Boswells and Health Schemes Veterinary Manager

Veterinary Centre Manager at the Disease Surveillance Centre and Livestock Health Schemes Hub, St Boswell's. Dave is the veterinary lead for the Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme and part of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme veterinary team. Having graduated from the Universities of Oxford and Glasgow, David worked for over 20 years in mainly farm animal practice in the Borders, Lothians and Northumberland, including 10 years as a lecturer in the Edinburgh University Vet School Farm Animal Practice, becoming Chair of the Farm Animal Exam Board. He is a RCVS Diplomate and Recognised Specialist in Sheep Health and Production.

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Colin Mason BVM&S, BSc, Cert. CHP, MRCVS 

Veterinary Centre Manager, Dumfries

Veterinary Centre Manager at the Disease Surveillance Centre (DSC) Dumfries.  After qualifying he spent 5 years in farm animal practice in Cheshire beofre joining SAC in 2000.  He obtained the RCVS Certificate in Cattle Health and Production in 1999.  Colin is a member of the UK Cattle Expert Group advising on national surveillance for endemic and emerging cattle diseases, a member of the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group experts vets team and a licensed plan user for the DairyCo mastitis control plan.  He provides health planning and veterinary support to SRUC’s dairy research farm at Crichton and is involved with the research programmes there focusing on cattle lameness.   He delivers disease control and eradication programmes through the Premium Cattle Health Scheme with specific responsibility for the IBR  programmes and has involvement in SAC’s health planning initiatives including the development of the sheep and beef suckler health planning software. Colin is very involved with planning and delivering CPD courses for vets, talks for farmer groups and providing farmer training through the First Milk Academy, the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group,  DairyCo and farmer meetings in support of the Scottish national BVD eradication initiative

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Helen Carty BVM&S, Cert AVP (cattle), MRCVS

Veterinary Centre Manager, Ayr

Helen Carty qualified from Edinburgh in 2003 and following four years in mixed practice in Renfrewshire moved to SAC Consulting, based in Ayr in southwest Scotland in 2007. As Veterinary Centre Manager of the Veterinary Surveillance Hub, her work includes farm animal pathology, disease investigation, reporting on surveillance in addition to Premium Cattle Health Scheme technical support. She completed her Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Cattle) in 2015 and is now Veterinary Centre Manager at the Disease Surveillance Centre (DSC), Auchincruive, Ayr.

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Veterinary Centre Manager, Aberdeen

Veterinary Centre Manager at the Disease Surveillance Centre (DSC) Aberdeen. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2005 and after completing a Masters in Veterinary Medicine joined the farm animal department of a busy mixed practice in Lanarkshire. In 2008 he joined a residency training programme at University College Dublin and trained within the European College of Bovine Health Management. In 2010 he took a post as lecturer at UCD Dublin. He passed the entry examination to the ECBM and contributed to the work of Animal Health Ireland. He is a member of the IBR and Biosecurity technical working groups. In 2011 he joined the University of Glasgow as a lecturer in production animal medicine. Through continued collaboration with Animal Health Ireland he conducted research into Johne’s disease control programmes internationally. He joined SACCVS Aberdeen in January 2015.

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Jennifer Thacker

Higher Laboratory Scientist SRUC Veterinary Services

Jennifer graduated from the University of St. Andrews in 1998 with a degree in Environmental Biology and in 1999 went on to complete an MSc in Environmental Microbiology at the University of Aberdeen.

In 2003, she was awarded a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh. The focus of her research was to investigate phosphate signalling pathways and to determine the expression profiles of phosphate starvation response genes in the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. During this time, she gained experience in many molecular biology techniques, including DNA and RNA extraction methods, PCR, RT-PCR, quantitative real-time PCR, cloning, gene construct creation, plant transformation and bioinformatics.

In January 2004, Jennifer joined the SAC Veterinary Services as a Higher Laboratory Scientist. She is responsible for the management of the SRUC Veterinary Services Molecular Biology laboratory, which specialises in pathogen detection and scrapie genotyping using PCR- based techniques.

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