Five programmes are available comprising parameters relevant to companion animal and livestock species:

  • Clinical chemistry analysers: albumin, ALP, ALT, Amylase, AST, bile acids, bilirubin total, calcium, chloride, cholesterol, CK, creatinine, GDH, GGT, glucose, LDH, lipase, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, sodium, thyroxine, total protein, triglycerides, urea

  • Blood gas analysers: ionised calcium, chloride, creatinine, glucose, lactate, pCO2, pH, pO2, potassium, sodium, urea

  • Endocrinology analysers: cortisol, progesterone, thyroxine
  • Haematology analysers: red cell count, haemoglobin, PCV/haematocrit, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Platelets, MPV, PDW, White cell count, neutrophil %, lymphocyte %, monocyte %, eosinophil %, basophil %

  • Manual white cell differential counts: neutrophil %, lymphocyte %, monocyte %, eosinophil %, basophil %

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