• A workshop was held with agricultural and rural consultants working across Scotland to discuss opportunities, risks and barriers to agricultural carbon markets. A summary of findings can be found here.

  • Following the consultant workshop, it was felt that an online consultation to ascertain farmers’ perspectives on opportunities, risks and barriers might be more productive than an online workshop; results and commentary of the consultation is published here.

  • The project team also engaged with financial experts in one-to-one meetings and various conferences and events through the project. Findings from this fed into the briefings below on creating carbon credits through natural capital project and a checklist for farmers considering selling carbon credits.

  • Representatives of public bodies and policymakers were present at various events attended by the project team and the consultant workshop. A briefing was also produced for RESAS summarising the potential impacts and unintended consequences of carbon markets in agriculture, highlighting areas of concern and future potential research. While this briefing was funded under Scottish Government funding, it would not have been possible without the knowledge built through the UIF project. The briefing was well-received by Scottish Government, and a follow-up discussion is to be planned to discuss further, with potential outcomes beyond the end of the project.

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