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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Alasdair Sykes

Agricultural Modeller

Land Economy

Sustainable Rural Systems

Research interests 

I have a broad research interest in global food security, environmental sustainability, and the role of agriculture in climate change. More specifically, I have an interest in the translation of greenhouse gas modelling exercises into policy, and the role of farm-scale modelling approaches in reconciling life-cycle analysis methodology with the heterogeneity of agricultural practice.

I also have an interest in the characterisation and communication of uncertainty in modelling approaches, and the impacts this can have on the interpretation and application of modelled results. My PhD focused on the development of a greenhouse gas accounting tool for application at farm level, with particular focus on the beef industry. I am currently working on a project focusing on facilitating the global greenhouse gas abatement potential of agricultural soil carbon sequestration following a marginal abatement cost curve approach.

Selected research projects

  • Soils-R-GGREAT - Soils Research to deliver Greenhouse Gas Removals and Abatement Technologies. Assessing the global mitigation potential of soil carbon sequestration.
  • PhD title: Developing an environmental calculator for application in the beef industry

Alasdair Sykes

Agricultural Modeller

Address: Land Economy, Environment & Society, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

Telephone: 0131 535 4383