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Amar Daxini

PhD Title

Farmer decision making in relation to nutrient management

PhD Supervisors

Dr Andrew Barnes (SRUC, Edinburgh), Dr Kate Heal (Geosciences, Edinburgh), Prof Cathal O’Donoghue (Teagasc, Dublin)


I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2013 having studied BA Geography for three years and then from the University of Leicester in 2014 with an MA in International Relations.

The PhD will allow me to combine my expertise in agricultural issues derived from geography and political analysis from internal relations to understand the highly politicised issue of nitrogen use and how farmers make decisions regarding nutrients on the farm. A major aim is to understand how we can encourage farmers to use nitrogen more efficiently on farms.


  • Daxini, A., Ryan, M., O’Donoghue, C., Barnes, A.P., 2019. Understanding farmers’ intentions to follow a nutrient management plan using the theory of planned behaviour. Land Use Policy. 85, 428–437.
  • Daxini, A., Ryan, M., O’Donoghue, C., Barnes, A.P., Buckley, C., 2019. Using a typology to understand farmers’ intentions towards following a nutrient management plan. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 146, 280–290.
  • Daxini, A., O’Donoghue, C., Ryan, M., Barnes, A.P., Buckley, C., Daly, K., 2018. Which factors influence farmers’ intentions to adopt nutrient management planning? Journal of Environmental Management. 224, 350–360.