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Report a Stranded Marine Animal

Marine stranding posterScottish Marine Animal Stranding Hotline

If you find a dead stranded marine animal, please either:

  • Call 01463 243030
  • Tweet @strandings together with animal and location
  • Fill in our online form
  • E-mail us via the link at the bottom of the page

Rescue for live stranded marine animals can be called 24 hours a day through:

  • Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline (03000 999 999)
  • British Divers Marine Life Rescue (01825 765546)

The following information will help:

  • What is it? What type/species of animal? If you aren't sure, take pictures on your phone or camera.
  • Where is it? As precise a location as you can give, how far to the nearest road access and is it above the high tide mark?
  • What size is it? Approximate length, can it be moved or secured against removal by the tide?
  • How fresh is it? Is it in a good state or a smelly heap of bones? Are parts missing?

Warning: Marine animals are wild animals. They may carry diseases which are transferable.

Further Information

Download our Marine Strandings Hotline Poster.

Marine Animal Strandings

If you find a DEAD, stranded marine animal please call 01463 243030 or 07979 245893. Rescue for LIVE strandings can be called 24 hours a day through: Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline (03000 999 999) or British Divers Marine Life Rescue (01825 765546).

Telephone: 01463 243030

E-mail: stranding@sac.co.uk

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