Dr Dave Roberts

Research Interests

Dave RobertsI am Head of SRUC Dairy Research Centre at Crichton Royal Farm, Dumfries.

My research interests are dairy farming systems, grassland and nutrition. In addition, I am also interested in knowledge exchange and farm management research.

Research Projects

  • Scottish Government: Dairy Farming Systems
  • Smallholder dairying in Malawi
  • Defra: Continuous housing of dairy cattle
  • DairyCo Research Partnership (Forage, grass and soils)

PhD Students

  • Liveness Jessica Banda - Dairy Cow Fertility
  • Chris Henry – Utilisation of grass grown with nutrients fron slurry
  • Leanne Mattu - Farm visits and the Scottish primary school curriculum


Dairy farming systems at Diploma and Degree level

Selected Publications

  • Arnott G., Roberts DJ.,  Rooke J.A., Turner S.P., Lawrence A. W., and Rutherford K. M. D. (2012) The importance of the gestation period for welfare of calves: maternal stressors and difficult births. Journal of Animal Science 90:5021-5034
  • Banda L.J.,  Kamwanja L.J., Chagunda M.G.G., Ashworth C.J. and Roberts D.J. (2011) Status of Dairy Cow Management and Fertility in Smallholder Farms in Malawi. Tropical Animal Health Production 44, 715-727
  • Chagunda M. G. G.; Minthali D,P.; Gondwee T.N.; Wood B. and Roberts D. J. (2013) An innovative approach to integrated training for smallholder dairying. Journal of Agricultural Training and Extension (published online)
  • Chiumia, D., Chagunda, M.G.G., Macrae,A.I. and Roberts, D.J. (2013) Predisposing factors for involuntary culling in Holstein-Friesian dairy cows.  Journal of Dairy Research. 80: 45–50
  • Haskell M.J., Maslowska K., Bell D.J., Roberts D.J. and Langford F.M. (2013) The effect of a view to the surroundings and microclimate variables on use of a loafing area in housed dairy cattle. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 141: 28-33
  • Halachmi I., Klopcic M.,  Polak P., Roberts D.J.  & Bewley J.M. (2013). Automatic assessment of dairy cattle body condition score using thermal imaging. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 99: 35–40
  • Toma L., March M., Stott A.W. and Roberts D.J. (2013) Environmental efficiency of alternative dairy systems: A productive efficiency approach. J. Dairy Sci., 96: 7014-7031

Professor Dave Roberts

Head of Dairy Research Centre and Professor of Dairy Farming Systems

Address: Future Farming Systems, SRUC Dairy Research Centre, Hestan House, Dumfries DG1 4TA

Telephone: 01387 263 961

Fax: 01387 263 961

E-mail: dave.roberts@sruc.ac.uk