Dr Dave Roberts

Research Interests

Dave RobertsI am Head of SRUC Dairy Research Centre at Crichton Royal Farm, Dumfries.

My research interests are dairy farming systems, grassland and nutrition.  In addition, I am also interested in Knowledge Exchange and am Vice Chairman of SRUC Knowledge Transfer Management Group with specific responsibility for Competitive Agriculture.

Research Projects

  • Scottish Government : Dairy Farming Systems
  • Smallholder dairying in Malawi
  • Defra: Continuous housing of dairy cattle

PhD Students

Liveness Jessica Banda - Dairy Cow Fertility


Dairy farming systems at Diploma and Degree level.

Selected Publications

  • Romer D.A.M., Roberts D.J., Mardell P. (2009).  The influence of management decisions and external factors on the dairy farmers environmentally friendly farming objectives:  the Green dairy experience.  International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 7, 164-175.
  • Rioja-Lang F.C., Roberts D.J., Healy S.D., Lawrence A.B., Haskell M.J. (2009). Dairy cows trade-off feed quality with proximity to a dominant individual in Y-maze choice tests.  Applied Animal Behaviour Science 117: 159 – 164.
  • Chagunda M.G.G., Ross D., Roberts D.J., (2009).  On the use of a laser methane detector in dairy cows.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 68: 157 – 160.
  • Chagunda M.G.G., Römer D.A.M., Roberts D.J. (2009).  Effect of genotype and feeding regime on enteric methane, non-milk nitrogen and performance of dairy cows during the winter feeding period.   Livestock Science 122: 323 – 332.
  • Halachmi I, P. Polak, D.J. Roberts & M. Klopcic, (2008). Cow Body Shape and Automation of Condition Scoring. J. of Dairy Sci. 92: 4444 - 4451
  • Roberts D.J. Leach K.A. and Goldie J (2007) Assessment and improvements of the efficiency of nitrogen use on commercial dairy farms. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 5: 295 – 305
  • Bell M.J. and Roberts D.J (2007) Effect of twinning on the feed intake, performance and health of dairy cows. Livestock Science. 107: 274 -281
  • Bell J.F., Offer N., Roberts D.J. (2007).  The effect on dairy cow performance of adding molassed sugar beet feed to immature forage maize at ensiling prior to feeding.  Animal Feed Science and Technology 137: 84 -92

Dr Dave Roberts

Head of Dairy Research Centre

Address: Future Farming Systems, SRUC Dairy Research Centre, Hestan House, Dumfries DG1 4TA

Telephone: 01387 263 961

Fax: 01387 263 961

E-mail: dave.roberts@sruc.ac.uk