Dr Andrew Barnes

Research Interests

Andrew BarnesMy research interest focuses on capturing the impacts of policy change and farmer behaviour at the farm and catchment level within a modelling framework.   Work has been conducted on a variety of topics within this area, particularly in terms of understanding attitudes, motivations and perceptions of farmers toward environmental issues. Whereas some of this work encompasses qualitative methods, such as citizen's juries, the main thrust has been towards quantitative modelling. This includes traditional linear programming based methods, but also applications using positive mathematical programming and agent-based modelling frameworks. Another strong thread to my research is the measurement of efficiency and sustainability metrics using longitudinal data, and I have adjusted productivity indicators for non-economic factors, such as animal welfare and environmental impact.  In addition to this, I have conducted a number of evaluations for Government agencies. These include the public funding of agricultural R&D, food chain productivity and changes to the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone action plans within Scotland.

PhD Students

  • Sam Beechener (2013-2017) - Co-learning and co-innovation to achieve impact in research: informing technology transfer in Scotland and New Zealand
  • Amar Daxini (2014-2018) - Farmer decision making in relation to nutrient management
  • Conor Carty (2012-2015) - Perceptions towards sustainable intensification
  • Abbie Clare (2011-2014) - Competing uses of biomass: The role for biochar
  • Stephanie Graf (2011-2014) - Transition to low carbon economy: Behaviours within rural industry
  • Bethan Thompson (2014-2017) - Impact of information on food waste in the Scottish dairy supply chain

Research Projects

  • Defra (2014): The effect of compensation mechanisms of reporting behaviours for exotic disease.
  • Defra (2014): An economic evaluation framework for Crop and Horticulture R&D Projects
  • Defra (2013-2016): Sustainable Intensification Platform 1 (Integrated farm management, productivity metrics)
  • Defra (2013): Sustainable Intensification Platform 3 (Farm level decision-making and behaviours)
  • EU(2014-2017): INCOME: Ghg Perceptions and Behvaiours of Dairy Farmers
  • FACCE JPI (2012-2015): Knowledge Hub on Climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security (MACSUR), EU & BBSRC
  • LUPG (2011-12): Alternative payment approaches for non-economic farming systems delivering environmental public goods
  • Rerad(2011): The productivity of Scottish agriculture
  • Defra(2009): A report on agricultural efficiency at the farm level in the UK and EU Member States 2002 - 2008/09; country and farm type comparisons
  • Defra(2008): Mitigation of Environmental Impacts of Out-Wintering Beef and Dairy Cattle Sacrifice Areas
  • Rerad(2008): Ex-Post Evalution of the Scottish Rural Development Plan, 2000-2006
  • Rerad(2008): Evaluation of the Scottish Beef Calf Scheme (Article 69)
  • Defra (2008): Effects Of Partial Decoupling In The EU On The Agricultural Single Market
  • Defra (2007): BAU III: Future Scenarios for Forecasting Agriculture (with ADAS)
  • Defra: The rationale for Defra investment in R&D underpinning the genetic improvement of crops and animals
  • Scottish Government: Assessing Farmer Attitudes towards Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in Scotland
  • Defra: Study on Food Chain Productivity Incorporating External Impacts
  • Scottish Government: An Assessment of the Economic, Social and Animal Welfare Issues of Organic versus Conventional Dairying using a Citizen's Jury Methodology
  • Defra: The Scope for Regulation in the Efficiency of Resource Use
  • Scottish Government: Benchmarking Multi-Functionality within Scottish Farming

Selected Publications

  • Hyland, J.J., Jones, D.L., Parkhill, K.A., Barnes, A.P. Prysor Williams, A. (2015). Farmers’ perceptions of climate change: identifying types. Agriculture and Human Values (forthcoming)
  • Guillem, E.E., Murray-Rust, D., Robinson,D.T., Barnes, A.P., and Rounsevell, M.D.A. (2015). Modelling farmer decision-making to anticipate tradeoffs between provisioning ecosystem services and biodiversity. Agricultural Systems 137, 12-23.
  • Prokopy, L.S., Arbuckle, J.G., Barnes, A.P., Haden, V.R., Hogan, A.,. Niles, M.T., Tyndall, J. (2015). Farmers and Climate Change: A Cross-National Comparison of Beliefs and Risk Perceptions in High-Income Countries.  Environmental Management (forthcoming),
  • Clare, A., Gou, Y-Q; Barnes, A.P., Shackley, S., Smallman, T., Wang, W., Jiang, D.; Jia, L,  (2015).  Should China subsidise cofiring to meet its 2020 bioenergy target?  A spatio-techno-economic analysis. GCB-Bioenergy (forthcoming).
  • Bouda Vosough Ahmadi, Dominic Moran, Barnes, A.P., Philippe V Baret (2015).  Comparing decision-support systems in adopting sustainable intensification criteria. Frontiers (forthcoming).
  • Garcia De Jalon, S., Inglesias, A., Barnes, A.P. (2015). Adoption of farm-level adaptation in Africa: a review of recent research and an adoption index.  Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change (forthcoming).
  • Vosough Ahmadi, B., Shrestha, S.S., Thomson, S.G., Barnes, A.P., Stott, A.S. (2015). Impact of greening the Common Agricultural Policy on Scottish beef and sheep farms. Journal of Agricultual Science 153(4), pp 676 – 688
  • Glenk, K., Eory, V., Colombo, S. and  Barnes, A.P. (2014). Adoption of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in agriculture: An analysis of dairy farmers perceptions and adoption. Ecological Economics 108, 49-58.
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Address: Carbon Management Centre and Land Economy, Environment & Society, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

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